AudioNec Diva XL meets Lison de Caunes


Press release | The Accomplished Atelier Lison de Caunes outfits one of the best speaker systems in the world, the Diva XL, with the elegant straw marquetry. The accomplished artists perfectly master this old French technique, going back to the 17th century. Lison de Caunes and her teams work with the most famous French and international designers to create unique masterpieces for distinguished clients with full sense of finesse and elegance. She became Interested in AudioNec’s Masterpiece and puts her ingenuity at service of the customer who cares for a truly unique pair of speakers. Each pair designed to match his style and desires. By introducing the bespoke Diva XL, the world of High-End meets finally the world of Art virtuosity in a perfect arrangement.

Hervé Brasebin / Sales & Marketing Manager / + 33 7 86 11 76 98
Francis Chaillet / C.E.O / +33 6 07 51 48 28



For further info: to AudioNec website

For contact: write here

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