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GoldenEar Triton Seven loudspeakers

Almost a year after the meeting with the surprising Aon 2 by GoldenEar, I am in the presence of the big sisters Triton Seven, floorstanding speakers and another entry level model of the multi-awarded American brand.

Their look is agreeable since they are slender and light black towers covered by a woven grid on all sides except for the plastic lid and the tapered plinth. This last one is in glossy hard plastic with rubber feet or if you like best metallic spikes. Below the grid, there are five drivers, three active and two passive. The three active drivers are on the front panel in D’Appolito configuration that is with the folded ribbon tweeter – the same of the Aon 2 speakers – between two 5,25” midwoofers. The two passive drivers are placed on the sides towards the bottom of the speaker. Behind there is the panel with good terminals, monowiring, full metal.


Testina Acutex STR 412 con stilo ellittico Shibata


My new Acutex 412 STR cartridge with Shibata elliptic stylus.

The first impression of the sound, without any run-in, is positive with great spatiality and correct tones. After days and months, this is the result of my listening tests with different amplifications, cables and comparisons with other loudspeakers.

The first comparison is with the ProAc Studio 125, two-way floorstanding speakers. The configuration are very different: double bass reflex for the ProAcs, sealed enclosure with two passive drivers and D’Appolito configuration for the GoldenEars, two drivers in the ProAcs, five in the GoldenEars. What they have in common is a great performance in the sector of the sound image. I will talk about that later. Concerning the tone colour, I have to admit my predilection for the ProAcs’. They keep on giving me great sensations and a continuous refinement at the improving of the other components of the system. Well, the Triton Seven duo makes me sway in this sense…

They are all-round speakers since they have no vocation for rock music or percussions, but can give back the refinement of the acoustical instruments in a very captivating way, together with the ambience of the recording place. Maybe the merit is due to the tweeter that can give some suavity in the high range. It is not so easy hearing hardenings, harshness and sibilants, especially with the tube amps.

However, they are not even hyper detailed. The midrange is less underlined than in the ProAcs, but is always natural.

The low range is amazing. The 5” midwoofers are able, helped by the 8” passive drivers, to organize deep and articulated bass, unexpected for a loudspeaker with a so reduced width. The rise time of the low range, notoriously a crucial point for many budget floorstanding speakers, is appreciable and enjoyable. The dynamics is very good especially with my 100W solid state Nadir power amp. It is appreciable also with the tube AAAVT amps mounting the KT88 and the EL34. The sound is confident, not immanent as happens with the Kef Q900. The brilliant part of these speakers is the sound stage. Here they seem very good bookshelf speakers but with a better, quick and deep low range. The sound planes have a good intelligibility in both width and depth.

The tweeter is a little lower so the listening spot is lower than usual. Anyway, also at a normal height the stage effect is evident. The best disposition is when you see from the listening spot the lateral panels of the speakers in a symmetrical position. Other angles penalize the scene and the tone colour, probably due to the lateral localization of the passive drivers. I have chosen as speakers cables the Chord Carnival Silver Screen.


Finally, everything in a bed of roses? Well, no. the fact is that these loudspeakers have a woven grid and my cat loves to sharpen his nails on it. So, they are too cat friendly. You have to choose between the cat and the Tritons. Tough choice. Once again, I choose to keep my Studio 125 with no worries.



Highly recommended loudspeakers for audiophiles that do not love cats. A mature sound performance, extended and correct tonal ranges, a good soundstage and dynamic authority. The price, for the sound outcome, is competitive.



Selection of listened music

Mozart, Piano concerto K821, Rondos K382 e K386, Brendel, Marriner, St. Martin in the Field, LP, Philips

Santana, Caravanserai, LP, CBS

John Mayall, Crusade, LP, London

Jazz Guitar, double CD, Verve

Glenn Gould, Bach, partite n. 5 e n. 6, CD, Columbia

Cow Boy Junkies, Lay it down, file WAV, Geffen

Brahms, Danses Hongroise & Slavonic - Weller & Dorati, RPO, file WAV, Decca


Official technical specifications

Dimensions: Speaker: 5-3/4 ̋ W (front) x 7-1/4 ̋ W (rear) x 11 ̋ D x 40-1/4 ̋ H

Base: 10-1/2 ̋ W x 14-1/2 ̋ D

Frequency Response: 29 Hz – 35 kHz

Efficiency: 89dB

Nominal Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms

Driver Complement: Two 5-1/4 ̋ cast-spiderleg-basket bass/midrange drivers, Two 8 ̋ planar sub-bass radiators, One High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) Tweeter

Rec. Amp: 10–300 Watt/channel

Weight: 14,5kg


Official Italian dealer: to Il Tempio Esoterico website

Official current price in Italy: 1,850.00 EUR pair

Associated equipment: to Fabio "Puzzled" Barbato's system