Look at our homepage, where you can find the wide range of loudspeakers, with all technical details and pictures.

MOON by Simaudio new product, the 240i integrated amplifier.

Superb craftsmanship meets unmatched clarity and detail in a refined, customizable loudspeaker to fit any room.

Merging Technologies SA is a Swiss manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in developing groundbreaking, professional Audio and Video products for a wide range of entertainment and media industries.

Introducing the Truss and Hooka headphone hangers.

From the most delicate solos, full dynamic orchestral music, all the emotion of music in a seemingly infinite spectrum of frequencies.

A series of new devices to put on the market in September 2017.

MOON by Simaudio New Product: 600i v2 Amplifier.

Wall of Sound open baffle speakers debuts at CAS, California Audio Show, July 28-30, Boardroom III.

We need to go deeper… much deeper...

Founded in 1995, AVID are an exclusively British Hi-Fi engineering company, leading the charge for quality in
mechanical design, and construction.

The development target for the Series3 products was to get as close as possible to the sonic virtues of our reference products from Series 5&7 while dramatically reducing complexity and the number of parts required to meet this goal.

The Pro iESL driven by either the iFi Pro iCAN or another powerful amplifier takes electrostatic headphones to an unprecedented level of performance.

AudioNec AAD2 and AudioNec AAD2i share the same enclosure and the same technology.

Nelson Pass First Watt meets PureAudioProject with PAP-C1, Custom Active Analog Crossover for Open Baffle and bi-amping fans.

The Huron OS for both DACs will soon be followed by a new OS for the Bridge II.

We have received very uniform and extremely positive feedback on speakers till now.

With over 40 years of playback and 25 years of concert recording experience, Kostas Metaxas has once again subverted what is or isn't possible in the aesthetic and state of the art in loudspeaker design.

You can listen to more music than ever with your Wolf von Langa open baffle field coil loudspeakers.

The 550 Phono features unbalanced dual-mono construction with separate power supplies for the left and right channel, guaranteeing the least possible channel crosstalk.

From first view it seems Aequo Audio’s team has developed entirely new and unique speaker models, yet both products can be easily recognised as purebreds of the brand’s distinctive pedigree.

Look at our homepage, where you can find the wide range of loudspeakers, with all technical details and pictures.

The HA75-DAC, an audiophile-quality tube based headphone amplifier and USB digital to analog converter, also makes its debut.

Nelson Pass First Watt meets PureAudioProject with PAP-C1, Custom Active Analog Crossover for Open Baffle and bi-amping fans.

Globally acclaimed high-end audio brand Estelon Founder and Chief Designer Mr. Alfred Vassilkov and his team launched their new Estelon Intelligent Audio technology together with the preview of intelligent Estelon LYNX speakers on May 18 at High End Munich 2017.

Labtek and OPPO UK LTD cannot be held liable if OPPO products are being purchased from a non official registered reseller.

We will present our MAAT Classical Speakers, which will play with Riviera amplifiers in a private even.

Also this year we are mainly display and demonstrate our brand new full range electrostatic loudspeakers as well as the electrostatic headphones & amplifiers.

We are warm welcoming you to visit us since your support makes us unique and great.

The new AlsyVox Botticelli ribbon speakers, created by the designer Daniele Coen, will give voice to our System.

Once Metaxas perfected the art of CNC machining organic shapes with amplifiers, it opened up similar possibilities with speakers.

We will all be exhibiting at the event, showcasing our latest innovative products.

Looking forward for meeting You in Munich.

Initially, Elly loudspeaker will be available only trough Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform.

The B-Sharp turntable features the new B-Note tonearm, made from a carbon fiber alloy that is light yet rigid with a black anodized aluminum headshell.

LTA invites you to Axpona 2017

Axpona was one of our favorite shows last year and we're sure that this year will be a repeat experience.

Crystal loudspeakers, STV5 music server and AAD2 amplifier will be introduced to the public of the Germany fair.

The main auction lot is a new model of NoLimits speakers

Following HighResAudio MQA is NOT lossless, the original signal is never recovered.

Pure PS Audio DNA is now available in a lower-priced line.

The D+M Group is the largest supplier of audio/video receivers worldwide and a leader in wireless multi-room audio. Sound United is the largest supplier of loudspeakers in North America and a leading supplier of sound bars and wireless music systems.

iFi Audio, part of AGL, is headquartered in Southport, UK. It owns the hifi brand Abbingdon Music Research (AMR).

Bryston BDP-3

A lightning fast processor, increased RAM and two independent USB 3.0 buses highlight this new flagship digital music player from Bryston.

We like to thank Lionel Goodfield for his many years of service with us.

And the MZ2 and MZ2-S is now offered with a remote volume control...

RIP Riza Arshad

Riza Arshad (along with Moonjune Record's Leonardo Pavkovic) is the single reason why I have become not just a huge fan of the recently departed keyboardist and his longstanding, genre-defying group, simakDialog.

I diffusori Sigma Acoustics in dimostrazione presso la Rolls Royce Boutique di Dubai

The event will be held for the entire month of February 2017.

iFi Audio microiTube2

Sprinkle the magic of "SET" into any system.

Merging+NADAC provides the missing link for Ross A%u2019hern

Leading Australian sound engineer solves recreational and professional listening dilemma with a networked solution.

Blumenhofer Fun 13 MK 2

The first production after the pre-series have left the company in the last weeks.

Bryston BCD-3

Bryston leverages their award-winning DAC technology to launch a highly refined CD player.

Zanden Audio 3000mk2

It replaces the current model 3000 preamplifier in the Classic Series and includes a number of crucial improvement.

We wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2017.

Keith Monks Limited Edition discOvery miniOne Carbon

6 Free litres/quarts of our discOvery fluid with all orders received in December!

PureAudioProject Trio15 PAP-Horn1

The Trio15 PAP-Horn1 brings both, the sonic bliss of Open Baffle and the live feel of a well designed wood-horn, to a sonic peak that we are very proud to have reached!

Small, dark and handsome.

Branko Glisovic’s career began in 1967 when he started his apprenticeship as a technical business manager.

Revox new 2017 R2R
The new Revox will cost about what a high performance MC cartridge costs, with delivery first quarter 2017.

The M-series. Evolved.



Metaxas Marquis

Another brilliant idea from a very different Hi End Audio company.

EBTB Terra Mk4 Special Edition

Who says that the great sounding loudspeaker cannot be visually stunning?

Metaxas Ikarus

Forbes Holiday Gift Guide 2016 includes Metaxas & Sins Ikarus Amplifier.

Volya Bouquet

Art, innovative design and luxury, a match never tried before in the High-End market.

HARMAN perfectly complements Samsung in terms of technologies, products and solutions, and joining forces is a natural extension of the automotive strategy we have been pursuing for some time.

Address the issue of noise at the source and solve the common ground loop/hum.

After the launch last year of the Diva speakers, now the birth of its big sister the Diva XL.

We will be located in Hotel Jan III Sobieski, VI floor, room 615.

Finally the time has come for the world best coaxial loudspeaker systems...

Trinnov Audio Altitude 32

Download all the official Press Releases HERE (Zip).

Auris Audio at the High End Swiss 2016

We would be happy to answer any further questions that you might have. We are looking forward for seeing you there.

The Formula Dac uses no digital filter or any other compensation, relying instead on maniacal attention to each sub circuit

Avid HiFi Reference 4

The Reference Four cabinet is also reflex loaded, the bass performance being optimised and the tuned port exits below onto our diffusing plate minimising room positioning issues.

EAM Lab 102i

Following the favourable integrated amp wave, here comes a new player.

AudioNec Listening Room

There you will listen to all the range of our new high-end products: Music Servers, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, DSP & Cables.

Three PureAudioProject Open Baffle Speakers will make debut: The reference Stellar12 and the modular Trio15 Voxativ and Trio15 A5000.

A new sound format is taking over the audio world!

Get in touch with one of the most innovative Hi-End brand...

The user has access to the already purchased music at HIGHRESAUDIO the leading music software player Audirvana Plus.

Gato Audio PWR-222

A new reference in analogue power amplification.

Voxtok + DiDiT

The combined expertise of Voxtok and DiDiT High-End enables the delivery of beautiful and innovative media streaming devices, bringing music to the living room in a way never achieved

Bryston BDA-3

We wanted to create the ultimate DAC for traditional audiophiles as well as those enthusiasts using a computer-based system.

Lucid Labs launched a new catalyst phono preamplifier monday 9/28/15 at 7pm on Kickstarter.

Target is a respected brand with over three decades in the accessories business offering premium steel loudspeaker stands in an array of sizes.

Today we introduce the new Genuin FS 3 MK 2.

Various updates for the German DNx products.

On a Higher Note has a stellar track record of successfully introducing high fidelity products to the North American consumer and high-end audio market since 2001.

Gryphon Diablo 300

A Decade in the Making - The Gryphon Audio Designs Diablo 300 Integrated Amplifier, revealed at the Munich high end show, is now shipping.

Orpheus Absolute Mediaserver

Orpheus' Team is very proud to officially present its brand new device, this in-house development distinguishes itself both with its outstanding sound quality as well as the speed with which it processes large amounts of data.

Product announcement from the Swiss brand.

From today the Naim ND5 XS, NDX and NAC-N 172 XS network players will be shipped with Bluetooth (aptX) compatibility.

HighResAudio VirtualVault

As streaming technology HIGHRESAUDIO is the first company to bring Adaptive Audio Streaming (HLS / HTTP) to market

HARMAN and Blackfire Announce Android Software Development Kit and Developer Community for Wireless HD Audio Networks.

The Solitaire and Soliloquy Mono-blocks, will once again be available to serious Audiophiles, Recording Engineers and Music purists.

New AQ-i modular system from Aqua

For the latest information about AQ-i modular for your La Voce S2 DAC, contact your local aqua - acoustic quality representative.

Hi–Fi streaming deserves a Hi–Fi player.

Benefits of leading professional DAC now available for audiophiles.

Doesn't every customer deserve white glove service?

We are very excited to introduce three new products at this year’s edition of the High End show in Munich.

We will be present in Room F224, and you are invited to share a coffee and some ideas with us.

Audionet restarts with full steam – and you are invited to be a part of it.

The uDSD is equipped with one Coaxial S/PDIF and 2V RCA Analog outputs for compatibility with a broad variety of systems.

German Physiks at the Munich High End Show

Renowned German pianist and composer Martin Vatter will be giving his popular presentations again in the German Physiks room this year.

The e12 was created to natively support DSD64 (1x), DSD128 (2x) and DSD256 (4x), along with a maximum PCM sampling rate of 384 kHz at 32 bits.

Records treated with Pure Vinyl are noise free, last longer and protect stylus against excessive wear.

These two new amps are shipping out from this week.

Satin veneer or paint, high-polish veneer and carbon fibre finish options are available to special order

Sitting comfortably on the outer ear and with the portability of an IEM, the Celsus Gramo One’s sound equals or betters that of the most highly regarded over-ear headphones.

Welcome to the Triton Five and SuperSub products.

Diasoul Diasouli speaker system and Zanden M500 DAC are here.

Rhodium sonata

Black Rhodium announces the launch of SONATA stereo interconnect cable 

HighResAudio expanded its licensing territory to also include Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Poland and Slovakia.

New AP001 portable headphone amp from Brainwavz.

Métronome Technologie is back on the market.


Audolici new A25 M Tube amplifier and AVP-01 phono preamplifier.

Andros 1.2 Phonostage

Announcing the newly updated Andros 1.2 Phonostage and the Factory upgrades for all existing Andros owners


Black Rhodium’s first loudspeaker cable using Vibration Stabilisation ATHENA DCT++ Crystal Sound (CS) Loudspeaker Cable

Pearl loudspeakers in Los Angeles


Steinheim will take the world of passionate audiophiles by storm, with its new state-of-the art speaker.

Best product of the year 2014


The bubbly German manufacturer of high efficiency acoustic loudspeakers will be present at the most renowned European Hi-Fi and High-End shows.

Soulution at the Munich High End 2014

PANTHEON miniatura

The Gryphon Pantheon Reference Loudspeaker System: Five-Piece Baffle, AMT Tweeter, Constant Phase.

Young Art miniatura

M2Tech is glad to announce the new Young DSD DAC/preamp.

by Massimo Riserbo

Audio products manufacturer leverages deals with celebrities, poker tours to reach a wider audience.

PS Audio has released two new videos to help explain the new technology behind the DirectStream DAC.

German Physiks and Esoteric tie up at Munich High End.

Lector Audio CDP 603 miniatura

Lector CDP-603 real tube output cd player "dangerous curves"

Antelope's Awards

Nalty miniatura

Graham Nalty launched two new RCA plugs.


Bang & Olufsen targets growing integrated home technology market at Integrated Systems Europe show

Gryphon Kalliope miniatura

Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark Announce The Gryphon Kalliope Digital/Analogue Converter.


iFi nano iCAN headphone amplifier.



Based on the DIA integrated amplifiers it offers a very good sounding, straightforward preamplifier that includes the DAC circuitry from DIA-250 and DIA-400. It has exactly the same features as the DIA's but without the output stage.

The Kharma Elegance dB11‐S presents the ultimate synergy in sound reproduction with dynamic transducers.

In addition the Audionet Music Manager for iOS (Audionet iMM) is also the high-end application to manage all UPnP-server and -renderer and allows to control all computer network based music playback systems.

The Sopranino super tweeter and the brand new Mythology M1 Series bookshelf loudspeaker will be at the next RMAF.

An essential component in every audio system; speakers/headphones, analogue/digital, its hallmark is that it just enhances the long‐term listening pleasure.

The benefit of thicker insulation is that when two electrical conductors carry an electrical current, the magnetic field produced by the current in one conductor affects the resistance of the other conductor.

The PS NPC combines a full featured analog RIAA phono preamplifier together with a high resolution Analog To Digital Converter (ADC). The unit is capable of simultaneously producing both a balanced analog audio output as well as a digital PCM or DSD output in multiple formats.

The 2110 Preamplifier and 2150 Mono Amplifier are the first releases in the next generation of 2000 level products from Boulder.

Concrete Audio markets a loudspeaker system which will delight enthusiasts for sound and purists alike. The German loudspeaker manufacturer has developed an audiophile loudspeaker of Luxury Class: made from concrete.

The retail price would be 500 euro, as there is quite a bit of work and gold going on it, so pure for the luxurious minded audiophile.

The cable uses special design configuration to achieve the best sounding audio cable.

Black Rhodium Prelude cable was first released in 2006 and received excellent reviews in all the UK main hi-fi magazines including a ‘Highly Commended’ award in Hi-Fi News and ‘Best Buy’ in Hi-Fi Choice.

How to buid an uncompromised record player with the best materials you can find and with clever combination of old and new knowledge.

The widebander in this model is restricted to cover 200Hz to 12.000Hz and sports notch filters at 4 to 8kHz.

The official release of the Trident II marks a rare addition to the Gryphon portfolio, an event that is always met with an enthusiastic reception by aficionados of the High End in Munich.

All models share the same AirForce™ acoustic platform, are fully active and governed by high resolution Digital Sound Processors.

M2Tech, the italian company devoted to high quality digital audio based on music files, is glad and proud to introduce a new, revolutionary DAC.

Audiophile cable for capturing the bi-amp. audio market.

One cable to rule them all...

The system’s philosophical underpinning is an Albert Einstein quote, widely referred to as Einstein’s Razor: “The supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.”

The 3060 is the second release in Boulder’s unlimited 3000 Series and is the world’s most powerful and accurate home stereo amplifier.

The new Series 7 cables incorporate a number of innovations, including a new composite insulation materials called Composilex. 2, and HD-Grip™ self-locking HDMI connectors.

A new DAC with Preamp and Headphone amp funtionalities with the footprint similar to an iPad.

Gold Note celebrate twenty years in the business with a small important refresh of the name and a new logo, revised as a natural evolution of the historical one.

A demonstration of consonance between audio reproduction epochs.

This poetic name reminds the material that was used for making the enclosure of that unique loudspeaker.

PS Audio from USA launches a brand new product category.

Versatility and better quality in all modes: the new class of tube devices for music-lovers who does not accept compromises in sound quality.

Magnum audio components digital hi-fi is back with new products.

Great sound, superb styling and very easy to use: Black Rhodium launches speaker plug range for dealers and consumers.

Small in size. Big on performance. What computer audio has been waiting for.

Heracles is a new 2-way in the Serenity line from the Danish Peak Consult manufacturer.

CA Electronics introduces the Ceramic Cable Clamp.

The brand that powered the rock & roll movement announces the debut of a truly unique personal music system.

New address and telephone number for Scandyna from Denmark.

A cable available with a very special construction, like our reputated Coherence serial of products.

The Netherlands based company CA Electronics introduces its new website.

Since now, Audire is the new and exclusive distributor Devialet for Indian market.

Fine Sounds SpA to add McIntosh Laboratory to its portfolio of High-End audio brands. Acquisition will place Group at the forefront of Global Luxury Audio Industry.


Soulution of Switzerland announces the introduction of the Spectacular Reference Disc, made by titles originate from the Delos catalogue and re-mastered by Povee Chan.

soulution representatives are pleased to announce the market introduction of the 520 preamplifier.

Discover this creation of passion and secure your personal limited edition of VIRTU, your audiophile friends will be astonished: so says the Swiss based high-end company.

SALSA 1.2 improves on the performance of the well known SALSA in one important area.

TWIRL improves on the performance of the highly awarded TWIST in two important areas.

CA Electronics introduces the Ceramic Cable Elevator.

CA Electronics introduces the versatile HE-10 speaker system.

The Swiss based High End boutique announced its ultimate power amplifier, mono and bold.

Press Release | Naim powers NaimUniti to NaimUniti 2



The Dutch based manufacturer of High End Audio products "goes America".

Press Release | Naim’s HDX, UnitiServe and NaimNet Servers received significant improvement.

The new OPUS cable works well as Interconnect and Speaker Cable and is manufactured in the UK to design specifications created by Black Rhodium.

Press Release | Over the course of the years of its existence, the show has developed into an ideal, central meeting point for experts of the industry of premium consumer electronics.

Munich High End 2012 Press Release | SX-Eco, VA880, VA885, VA900: KR Audio will show Kronzilla and friends.

Press Release | Acoustic Preference is one of the first companies in the market industry that has decided to start with the direct sells of their loudspeakers.

Munich High End 2012 Press Release | Absolute Dream is the first cable to use pure mono crystal technology in both the core and the braided shielding.

Munich High End 2012 Press Release | SAGA has the goal to make an amplifier as good as Siltech’s top cables. This led to the new amplifier concept called Structural Amplifier Gain Architecture.

Can you improve yourself? M2Tech did it. The new hiFace Two makes it easier to achieve the best sound off your computer.

Fully handmade Armonico speaker cables released by Fono Acustica of Spain.

High End audio's reaction to the current economic meltdown has been varied, but it is safe to say that a 108 kg per channel mono power amplifier at 84,000 Euro plus local taxes for a pair has not been the typical response.

Based on R2R, high-resolution dac, the Digicode S-192 is also equipped with word clock input and digital spdif output for general purpose application.

CA Electronics from Holland has managed to design the perfect stand for any headphones.

New power amplifier offers unprecedented levels of power and clarity and is the highest performing product in the history of the company.