by Kostas Metaxas

Through this project I wanted to create my own library of reference recordings which could be used to help develop the ultimate playback system.

by Jeff Day

These hand-crafted wood replicas of historic Altec multi-cell horns are stunning!

Sigma Acoustics MAAT
by Roberto Rocchi

Only few audio systems of big dimensions have really satisfied me. This system makes an exception.

Gennaro Muriano
by Gennaro Muriano

Welcome to a new ReMusic's collaborator: audiophile and engineer. Besides, he is been working to develop a new technology applied to the amplification.

Volya Bouquet
by Giuseppe Castelli

A loudspeaker that is unique, visionary and innovative both in intentions and in design. A sound of absolute level in an artwork. A match never tried before in the High-End market.

GoldenEar Triton Seven
by Fabio Barbato

A mature sound performance together with extended and correct tonal ranges for a highly recommended loudspeaker.

by Antonio Sarcinelli Postiglione

I will put at disposal of the webzine my expertise of photographer, hoping to offer to the readers always more interesting images.

Electrocompaniet ECI 3
by Mauro Cittadini

In a period where the programmed obsolescence seems an ineluctable necessity, it is nice to bump into an amplifier that has been resisting for almost ten years in the catalogue of its manufacturer.

Manley Jumbo Shrimp
by Roberto Rocchi

ReMusic Spark AwardI love Manley’s amplifications and this preamp has rekindled the passion. I think that the Shrimp is one of the best preamplifiers I have ever listened.