New Avid HiFi Altus and Nexus tonearms


Press release | With over a quarter of a century's experience manufacturing turntables, Avid HiFi is excited to announce the launch of two new tonearms designed to offer exceptional sonic performance to all vinyl enthusiasts. These tonearms allow Avid HiFi to offer complete turntable solutions at multiple price points to meet the growing demand for vinyl reproduction.

Nexus, our flagship tonearm features a 9-inch bespoke hyper-strong titanium arm tube with immense rigidity, a Rigid Architecture Bearing with parts manufactured to micron tolerances and our Progressive Bias Compensation Mechanism offering a linear offset to counteract increasing centripetal forces.


Avid HiFi Altus and Nexus

Altus is our entry-level tonearm and features a 9-inch thick-walled aluminium tube with a high self-damping factor. It benefits immensely from its stablemate by sharing the same Rigid Architecture Bearing and Progressive Bias Compensation Mechanism.

Both tonearms are fully designed, precision-manufactured, and hand-assembled by Avid within their factory in Huntingdon, England.


Retail prices: Nexus 5,250.00 EUR; Altus 1,800.00 EUR.


For further info:

to Avid HiFi website

contact Avid HiFi here

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