New Marten Coltrane Quintet loudspeakers


Press release | This year, we are delighted to unveil Coltrane Quintet, the successor to Coltrane 3, and the latest addition to our esteemed series renowned for its premium levels of speaker production.

Coltrane has always been a standard of excellence for us and is a benchmark for the Marten sound. Coltrane Quintet continues this legacy, delivering high resolution, crystal-clear sound with a vivid soundstage that is life-like and natural. The new Coltrane marks a substantial progression in terms of bass response, dynamics and resonance reduction.

Coltrane Quintet incorporates our signature first-order crossover and boasts three custom drivers: a pure diamond tweeter, a beryllium high-midrange, and an entirely new carbon fibre mid-bass, complemented by aluminium sandwich bass drivers and a bass reflex design.

The cabinet is 25% larger than Coltrane 3, offering a lower bass frequency response. The newly designed carbon fibre cabinet provides superior resonance control while retaining the iconic sleek and robust profile of a Coltrane. Structural enhancements to the interior and front plate enhance rigidity and stability. For the first time, the cabinet is offered in polished carbon fibre laminate with an option for a lacquered Piano Black finish.

The stand has been enlarged in all dimensions to enhance stability, working in tandem with Marten Isolators to separate the speaker from the listening environment.

Available in a range of Marten Finishes, Coltrane Quintet starts from EUR 170,000.

At a glance

  • New for 2024
  • 4-way bass reflex
  • Custom pure diamond tweeter
  • Custom pure beryllium high-midrange
  • Custom convex carbon fibre mid-bass
  • Aluminium sandwich bass
  • Signature first order crossover
  • Newly developed carbon fibre cabinet
  • Jorma internal wiring
  • Marten Isolators
  • Finishes: Matte Walnut, Matte Oak, Piano Black, Dark Grey, Silver, Warm Grey and Gold
  • Coltrane Quintet EUR 170,000
  • Coltrane Quintet Statement Edition EUR 187,000


For further info: to the Marten website

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