Introducing Live at enotecalatorre by Massimo Chiarella Quartet


Press release | Live at Enotecalatorre by Massimo Chiarella Quartet is the first release by Enotorre Records Jazz Series. Enotorre Records put itself up to the public as a record label dedicated to audiophile enthusiasts, however, winking also at the artistic quality, highlighting the vast stage of jazz musicians of north-east Italy.

The artists
Massimo Chiarella is basically a self-taught drummer. He deepens the music and the instrument through the attentive listening of the great masters of jazz. He counts numerous concert collaborations with Italian and foreign musicians: Pietro and Marcello Tonolo, Maurizio Caldura, Massimo Urbani, Roberto Rossi, Carlo Atti, Danilo Memoli, Francesco Bearzatti, Sandro Gibellini, Larry Nocella, Bruno Marini, Marco Tamburini, Paolo Birro, Renato Chicco, Nicoletta Manzini, Pietro Odorici, Marc Abrams, Steve Grossman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, John Mosca, Cedar Walton, Jesse Davis, Bibi Rovere, Gorge Cables and many others. He has performed in various festivals including foreign countries as Slovenia, Antibes-Juan Les Pins, Paris, Lugano. He takes part in various records together with Pietro Odorici, Nevio Zaninotto, Danilo Memoli and Steve Grossman, Marcello Tonolo. In this CD Massimo Chiarella imposes himself as the driving energy of the quartet composed by the inspired David Boato and his Savut Friulian-made trumpet, by the lively Danilo Memoli at the piano and by the mystical double-bass chiseler Riccardo Di Vinci.
Of the seven tracks of the CD, five are standards of famous jazz pieces, but two are compositions of the artists themselves, like the song Ode to Elvin, which is a composition by Danilo Memoli dedicated to Elvin Jones and written by Memoli on the day of the great drummer’s death. After having deepened the jazz piano at the Gioventù Musicale d’Italia institute under the guidance of Marcello Tonolo and Luigi Bonafede, from ’83 to ’86, Memoli attends the Siena Jazz intensive seminars for four consecutive years studying with Franco D’Andrea, Amedeo Tommasi, Enrico Rava and other teachers from ’87 to ’90. He also participates, first as a student and then as an assistant, in courses taught by the Manhattan School of Music – that awarded him a scholarship in 1997 – and by Barry Harris, Gary Burton, Lee Konitz both in Italy and in New York. For over a decade he was part of the quartet of the great New Yorker saxophonist Steve Grossman.
The other song Vuelta Carnero is composed by David Boato from the Veneto area, son of art. His mother attended avant-garde musical environments of vocal research including that of Demetrio Stratos. He studied at the conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto from 1982 to 1986. In the same period, almost secretly from the teachers of the conservatory, he participates in the seminars by Giorgio Gaslini in Mogliano Veneto in 1977, by Terence Blanchard at the Umbria Jazz Clinics 1984 and 1985, by Max Roach in Ravenna Jazz 1984, by Kenny Wheeler at the Siena Jazz Winter 1984/85, by Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu in Siena Jazz 1985, by Hal Crook at the Umbria Jazz Clinics 1988 and by Eddie Henderson in Riviera Jazz in Dolo-Venezia.
In 1988 he enrolled at the Umbria Jazz Clinics, one of the first editions of Berklee in Umbria, and won a scholarship that would allow him to study at the Berklee College of Music di Boston, USA, where he graduated Summa cum Laude in 1992. He is currently working with Stanley Sargeant and Adam Pacheon on the project Three. Since 1992 he has been working as assistant teacher at the Umbria Jazz Clinics, that are the seminars held by the Berklee College of Music at the Umbria Jazz festival. From 1999 to 2016 he was artistic director of music courses and concert activity related to Officina Musicale, a cultural association based in Mogliano Veneto. Since 2015 he has been teaching at the Siena Jazz University.

Riccardo Di Vinci is a young double-bass player, bassist and performer from Padua. He boasts important collaborations such as: Morgan, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Gino Paoli, Gaetano Curreri, Paolo Fresu, Karima, Bobby Solo, Massimo Chiarella, Marco Tamburini, Carlo Atti, Fabrizio Bosso, Mauro Ottolini, Roy Paci, Nico Menci, Michele Manzo, Ettore Martin, Marco Ferri, Zeno De Rossi, Danny Bronzini, Rossana Casale, Diodato, Alberto Fortis, Karen Edwards, Bruce Ditmas, Moni Tivony. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Afro-American music from the jazz department directed by Maestro Marco Tamburini.

The recording
Enotorre Records live recordings are entrusted to the Artesuono studio by Stefano Amerio, which has long become famous for curating numerous recordings of the famous ECM. Stefano willingly lent himself to collect the philosophy and the aim of the Enotorre Records label. It wants to realize products of high sound quality abstaining from the post-production work and concentrating most in the setting up of the pre-production with the cautious choice of the best microphones, with their positioning and with the right recording levels. The outcome is a very natural sound, impressive sound pressure and real dynamics. The tone color of the instruments is very credible, rich in detail and side harmonic range. Also the choice of using in the recording the famous Merging Technologies Horus System converters contributes to get this result which can be appreciated by the most demanding audiophiles. The digital file, that you can find on the major musical platforms, can be downloaded also in Hi-Res Music liquid format.


For further info: to Enotorre Records website

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