Ætere’s Interview on Schumann Resonance


“Identification is a spiritual practice based on the knowledge of a physical law: the law of resonance. If you are able to be in tune with another being, not only will you know them, but their qualities will communicate themselves to you. So long as you are not in tune and do not identify with them, you can study them, judge them, declare they are like this or like that, but actually you will not truly know them. It is the fact that two beings are on the same wavelength that brings them together and enables them to know each another. And that also is love. Like knowledge, love is the result of a merging: that of two beings who are on the same wavelength. So we can say that true knowing is the result of true love and that true love is simply two wavelengths attuned to one another”.


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov



Schumann ResonanceMy discovery of the Schumann Resonance has been shocking.

In a relative way, of course: it is not a Doomsday experience. Besides, I say it at a personal level, since it has been a belated discovery. Anyway, the test on the Acoustic Revive RR-77 has been suggested to me by my friend Giuseppe Trotto and I may say that the improvement at the listening and the psycho-emotional well-being I felt, have pushed me to deepen the topic that I consider useful and interesting far beyond our audiophile ambitions.


For the occasion, Andrea Amato, founder and owner of the Italian Ætere’s comes to my aid. Quoting from their website:"Ætere’s is a leader in the Smart Energy Technology and founds its work on an ancient vision of the space that revolves around the principles of harmony, beauty and sacredness. The current home and working environments, on the contrary, rest often upon an utilitarian vision of the space which, with little or no consideration of the human biopsychic sphere, brings to unavoidable and often series consequences for the health and the well-being of the occupying people.

Research has brought Ætere’s to the achievement of a diversified instrumentation, designed for the biocompatibility and environmental re-harmonization…”.


OK. You are laughing. Another one that wants to sell us squalane oil to grease our CDs or recommends cryogenic baths for the health of our devices… Well, except that both treatments work a lot if you know what and how to do it, the question here is that we must be mentally open.


Question: Andrea, the research on the Schumann Resonance does stop to its usefulness, real or alleged, in the audio field?

Andrea Amato, Ætere’s:

Great attention and a lot of research revolve around the Schumann Resonance and, among its possible practical uses, makes way the hypothesis that it could be the best frequency solution for the ideal listening. Nevertheless, any work hypothesis may not consider all the possible implications: mathematical, physical, statistical, biological and energetic implications.

Let’s get ourselves into this labyrinth with the hope of verifying at the end of the path this assumption: if I emit a constant and well determined frequency in a listening room, will I hear the sound in a better way? Fantasy or reality?


Question: Well, you are proposing a systematic approach. To sum up, then, what is this frequency? What is this Schumann Resonance?

Amato: In 1899, the genius of Nikola Tesla formulated a theory that, drew on Schumann’ researches in the ’50s, was confirmed as true. The “cavity” between the ionosphere and the Earth has a pulsing magnetic field where the electromagnetic waves spread like “spring waves”. A space capable of reflecting the ELF band as a mirror reflects the light. The whole is also a sort of capacitor, where the Earth acts as the negative pole and the ionosphere as the positive one. The oscillation of these waves occurs among frequencies between 1 and 50 cycles per second, that is Hz, while the fundamental frequency of the Schumann Resonance has a value of around 7,5 Hz.

This frequency, initially obtained through arithmetic, has been later registered instrumentally to find out that it has a mean value around 7,8 Hz. Like any other sound made in nature, the basic frequency is always associated to other frequencies, harmonics of the fundamental one, that in this case are present at around 14, 21, 26, and 33 Hz. The Schumann Resonance and its entire harmonics pertain to a bigger family, called “geomagnetic band”, since in this interval of frequencies many natural electromagnetic phenomena manifest themselves.

Question: The theory is fascinating, but practically, how are these value obtained?

Amato: Exactly, the concept is clear and detected instrumentally even if we have to do a few sums: the Earth circumference is about 40.030 kilometres. An electromagnetic signal travels around the globe at lightning speed of 299.800 km/second. One of its entire rotation around the Earth takes about 0,1335 seconds, that is around 7,49 Hz. No, that’s not it: the current instruments register 7,83 Hz. We have run up into the first approximation… but in our calculation, we have not taken into account the ionosphere height: we have calculated the ground frequency with the height of the ionosphere equal to zero. Ok, let’s redo calculations, let’s increase the Earth radius and let’s englobe the height of the ionosphere, about 150 km, so that the value should be closer to the measured value. Not at all, we get a further decreasing of value, about 7,32 Hz. Now it seems evident that, in determining this frequency other factors intervene and alter the scientific reasoning. Or maybe, we have to insert the concept of “frequency range”, so that the Schumann Resonance can be interpreted and valorised as a “frequency ensemble” rather than determined as a single and rigid mean value. This value, statistically more relevant at 7,83 Hz, in reality has a dynamicity, a movement, an oscillation of spectrum frequencies that is wider, more coherent to a system that necessarily and continuously interacts with many energetic realities, both natural and artificial.


Question: We are talking of frequency values actually very close: is it possible that a precise frequency influences so much our energetic system?

Amato: The answer is yes: the human energetic system is extremely efficient, besides being dynamic and functional, if harmonic. Whom has “designed the system” has ensured that organs and functions have the maximum activation and efficiency at determined frequencies, leaving that “the rest”, not required in that moment, works with a reduced energetic consumption. Consciousness states and specific zones of the brain enter in resonance with specific frequencies determining the “operational state” of an organ or function.


Question: We need some examples…

Amato: Here they are…The hippocampus, the part of the brain localized in the medial temporal lobe zone, has an important role in the long term memory and in the spatial navigation and it is extremely active at about 7,8 Hz.

The thymus, a gland situated between the lungs and below the sternum, has the role of “gym of the immune system”, informing the lymphoid cells in order to stimulate the immunity, and it is very operational at about 8 Hz.

The epiphysis, a gland situated in the central zone of the cranium, has a fundamental role as “sleeping clock”, producing melatonin, and it is strongly active not much above the 8 Hz.


Question: And below these frequencies?

Amato: Tendentially the frequency range below 8 Hz, that is up to 4 Hz, pertains to what is called Theta state, surely the most extraordinary and evasive among the consciousness states. In Theta, we can also experiment flashes of imagines with quite a mysterious nature. In this state, manifest themselves some altered states like trance, hypnotic trance, hypnagogic images, direct access to unconscious, in which we live at the top of creativity, of intuition and of our extrasensorial perceptions.

In this state, emerge all those conscious behaviours in which we are without defence screens of inner self and where the learning state is put in the best conditions.


Question: I had just find out that exists a Schumann frequency that is really interesting, and now many others have been added…

Amato: Exactly. This does not mean that the entire system suddenly works and answers to a unique frequency. Through the electroencephalogram or with the bio-feed back HRV or Hearth Rate Variability -instruments that registers a wider series of data of the nervous system - we can analyze the variability of the cardiac frequency and evaluate the balancing of the activity between sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic. You get a graphic visualization of a very complex frequency reality, where, even by increasing in a certain circumstance the activity of a particular state of consciousness and with the creation of an intensity peak in correspondence to a determinate frequency, you can notice in the diagram a range of harmonies of the other vibrations necessary to keep the system in dynamic balance.


Question: So, once we have seized these concepts, how can we - simple audiophiles - improve our listening room?

Amato: Let’s get straight to the point. To put a person in the best listening conditions, therefore the listening room, is preferable to emit a fixed frequency like the Schumann Resonance at 7,83 Hz. Or…to create the natural conditions of dynamic, differentiate and harmonic behaviours of fluxes of etheric energy inside an environment and determining, as a consequence, a Schumann Resonance, in its total vibrational completeness.


Question: I know this is the aim of your work…

Amato: Indeed. We at Ætere’s believe that the right way is in the second work hypothesis. We have run deep studies of instrumental interventions in room monitored by a bio-feed back HRV. This last one is connected to a person integrated in an ideal natural energetic contest and it is conveniently placed in a geometric way in order to act as the fulcrum of a “toroid” of flows of energy. The person - psychologically, biologically, energetically and consciously - is therefore put in the best listening conditions, both inspirational and analytic.


Question: We should deepen the issue. Actually, I know that the implications of yours researches have led you to develop some “products”, if I may say so without using improper definitions.

Amato: Our studies, undertaken by a group of researchers and by Ætere’s founders have result in the creation of a technology that we define OVER Space, Optimized Vibrational Environment Rebalancing Space, capable of operating on the space, optimizing and rebalancing the environmental vibrations. It is about reality and not fantasy, but a reality that implies complexities, both theoretic and operational, bigger than the “simple” Schumann Resonance in its strict sense.


Question: Thanks, Andrea, I give up! Joking aside, I think I have understand that just the simple emission of the Schumann Resonance is important. Besides that, whatever meaning this outcome has practically, it

is better to enlarge the emission to very close frequencies and doing it in a dynamic way, that is not a “fixed” way.

Amato: Exactly – he smiles – and thanks to you!



For further informazion: to Ætere’s website

by Giuseppe
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