Achille Succi Ensemble | Terra

ReMusic Record

When issued in 2005, this work has certainly reaped consents, but something must have been not entirely understood, because if there was some uproar this has been rather lukewarm and graceful. A record among the many, a good work, yes, but nothing more.

Instead, I would say that Terra is one of the best jazz records ever issued in Italy, at least in the last ten years. The beauty of jazz is the total freedom of thought and expression granted to any musician. Jazz does not place limitations. The only limits are those put by the musician himself. This is the point: there are no limits in this work and it is quite impossible to foreseen how the situation will develop. Nothing strange if we talk of free or vanguard jazz, but here the free jazz has nothing to do with this music and the soft and refined pleasure you can feel while listening to it, is quite a proof.

Also the chamber jazz has nothing to do with it, since the tangible beauty of this writings cannot be identified inside any mode. Only in the author mode. And the writings are very important, as well as the exposition that Achille Succi makes at the bass clarinet and alto sax, Beppe Caruso at the trombone and tuba, Salvatore Maiore at the doublebass and cello and Roberto Dani at the drums. A rare detail of worthiness and sensitivity, without ostentation. Jazz can be performed in numerous ways, but this work – in my opinion - is one of the best I have ever heard; regardless of its provenance.

A last thing: also the sound reprise, made by Stefano Amerio of Artesuono, is at its highest expression.

Now, try to consider the work in its entirety.



Achille Succi Ensemble


Splasc(H) Records


Total Time 50’19’’


by Antonello
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