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Press release | Rose City Media Group is announcing production has begun on a new documentary film, directed by Emiko, about the auspicious beginnings and meteoric rise of legendary loudspeaker designer Andrew Jones.

Wherein the hifi audio industry usually focuses on the "how" aspect of things produced, this film is geared to focus on why Jones is who he is and why that allows him to create hit after hit in the loudspeaker arena. Additionally, and perhaps moreover, the film aims to share with audiences a holistic picture of who Andrew Jones is, what drives him, what inspires him to create, and to answer a series of questions that face not only the hifi audio industry but offers an extension to audiences outside of that as it takes a look into the music and creative world, and indeed, presents a unique and engaging point of view to anyone who is looking to pave a path forward in making their dreams come alive.

The subject of this film, Andrew Jones, is known for his work as an award-winning loudspeaker designer. Having gotten his start at KEF, then growing to be at the helm of the design process at Pioneer, TAD, and Elac, most recently in 2022, Jones was invited to join MoFi Electronics to spearhead an innovative new line of loudspeakers. The inaugural model, the SourcePoint 10, launched in November 2022 to great excitement and acclaim. Jones's near-lifelong passion for audio began in his early teens and loudspeaker design and development quickly became the focus of that. In total, his schooling, professional career, and commitment to audio and speakers now extends into his 6th decade, with no signs of slowing down.

Of the production, Jones says, “I am honored that Emiko finds my life and achievements of such interest, beyond just the world of audio that I work within, that she is inspired to make this documentary. I'm fascinated to observe the process of how she tells this story and hope that this gives others some insight into how they can, just like me, follow their passion and fulfill their dreams.”

Director Emiko remarks, “I am truly delighted that Andrew has put his trust in my vision to tell his story. While most people in hifi audio know him as an industry leader and giant, it’s equally important for the world to know about the man behind the designs as his story will inspire so many. I am looking forward to working with him.”

About the Director
Emiko is an award-winning producer, director, and composer. Previous film works by Emiko include the series, T.H.E. Human Side, 2018-2019, which became T.H.E. Human Side - A Short Documentary, 2019, produced in partnership with T.H.E. Show, which garnered her over a dozen film festival awards internationally. Additionally, she is known for her work as a composer on feature films, series’, and as a Hammond Organ player and keytarist, having appeared with iconic artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Major Lazer, Marcus Mumford, and more.

About Rose City Media Group
Based in Los Angeles, CA, Rose City Media Group is an award-winning production company with a primary focus on documentary filmmaking. The company also creates content and advises those in the music and hifi audio industries. Currently, Rose City Media Group has several films and series in the production pipeline, some of which include a documentary on young stroke survivors, a new docu-series entitled, They Walk Among Us and a fictional mystery series based on the works of a best-selling author.

For further info:

to T.H.E. Show website

to Emiko website

to Rose City Media Group website

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