Apertura Audio at the Munich High End show


Press release | Apertura is a French high end loudspeaker brand that has been created in 1978 by Christian Yvon, celebrating nearly forty years of passion for music. After a two-year break, we are thrilled to invite you to our regular venue F204 Atrium 4.2 in Munich from May 19 to 22. We are looking forward to present you our new products for 2022.

Apertura Forté
Forté loudspeaker
A somewhat unusual model in the Apertura range, Forté was developed for use with high quality but low power amplifiers, availability Autumn 2022.
 Apertura Stela
Stela loudspeaker
In the logical continuation of Sensa, the range has been extended with the arrival of its big sister Stela, availability Summer 2022.

Apertura Audio at the Munich High End show

We will warmly welcome you next week, in Munich in our room F204 Atrium 4.2, please do come in and enjoy a new Apertura experience.


For further info: to Apertura Audio website

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