Apotema Audio at the upcoming HiFiDeLuxe in Munich


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Press release | At the upcoming HiFiDeLuxe in Munich the Apotema Audio parallel audio filter catalog – Black Hole, Dynamics Extender, Materik – will be exhibited on the first floor, foyer area.

Apotema Audio Materik 1

They will be joined by two previews:


Noise Killer - A new parallel-type filter that connects in series, directly derived from its predecessors and designed to eliminate noise produced by individual components in the audio system at the source. It connects directly to the device to be powered and can be used alone or in synergy with other Apotema filters, placed in the multi-socket or upstream of the power distribution system.


Klean Power - Power distributor with individually filtered outlets which result in extremely effective cleaning, uses parallel-type filters that entirely preserve the dynamics of the system. In addition to the version with 5 sockets hat we will premiere in Munich, the series also includes one with 7 sockets, and the possibility for both to cascade other multi-sockets via a dedicated connector, sockets thus remain all available.


HiFiDeLuxe, May 10th-12th 2024

May 10th-11th from 12.00 to 20.00

May 12th from 11.00 to 17.00

Munich Marriott Hotel

Berliner Straße 93

D-80805 München-Schwabing

Deutschland - Germany


For further info:

to Apotema Audio website

to HiFiDeLuxe website

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