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Ed | The author we are presenting today, a new ReMusic technical editor, doesn’t love having his picture taken nor does he like having it available on the web. We do not know why: a portrayal of the soul that allows it to get stripped of its essence and spread uncontrolled into the hyperuranion, unsolved money business, old grudge with an ex… The matter does not interest us and we respect his choice by assigning him a completely random avatar for illustrative purposes only. The image does not match the product, nonetheless, buy it with confidence.



Physics and Mathematics. Musical studies. Electronics: analog and digital, sensors, radio frequency, antenna systems, signal conditioning, power amplification from audio frequencies to microwaves, automotive, servo controls and process management. I’m passionate about: precision mechanics, engine tuning and vehicle staging, loudspeakers, psychoacoustics, science fiction, psychology, sociology, martial arts. At ease in manual labors, construction included…


Working experiences

Repair and improvement of amateur, civil and professional transceivers
Owner of an authorized service center for several audio and telecommunication brands
Antenna designing and construction from MF to UHF, trellis and transmission lines
Owner of a store selling electronics, telecommunication devices and audio components
Project leader of an electronic judging system for sporting events, on behalf of CONI - Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano

Designer for a European level research center, dealing with subjects ranging from robotics to renewable energies

Creator and developer of engine control units and power modules for racing applications

Designing and developing of a new type of Hi-End audio amplifiers, ItaliAcoustic brand, class HS, registered

Designing and industrial prototyping of audio electronics for Audison and Hertz



Socrates used to say that “it exists only one good, knowledge, and only one evil, ignorance”.

It’s incredible how little do we know about the Universe and ourselves, the only two directions towards which is worth investigating, but it is still more incredible how much power that little gives us… if we don’t drown it in malicious ignorance and complacency of our limits.

Observing, being curious, studying, experimenting, understanding ourselves and our behaviors is what allows us to obtain better tools on one hand, and to use them correctly on the other.

The majority of problems and contrasts are created by us, the only way for a better future is working together to find and understand the links.

Because everything is linked, otherwise it wouldn’t be everything.



It is the direct transmission between Nature and us, where the mediations are brought to a minimum: there’s no need to share a language, no receivers or antennas are necessary because we already have them built-in, no devices or operating codes required.

When we listen to something or someone, emotions and informations go directly from the source to our soul.

Working hard to make all this possible trough electronics and sound transducers instead of air and doing it without losing important bits is a demanding and fascinating challenge.

Music is only one of many possible manifestations of Sound, which has to be studied and analyzed in all its components, but also understood in the way in which us humans perceive, interpret, internalize, and share it. Neglecting one of these aspects leads irreparably to preclude the possibility to use technology to please the formal and emotional spheres, the purist and the sentimental. Here too, the two notions are not in contrast with each other, because in the middle of a forest or in front of an orchestra the listening is perfect and the emotion authentic, so why not try to obtain again something that already exists in another time and place?

Among all the best instruments that a technician can employ with success are the ears of passionate expert – this is how I met Giuseppe Castelli – and the response of a curious audience. The analyzers confirm that a circuit works, but to know if it will actually relay the same emotions we would experience live, only careful listeners can have the last word: congratulations.

by Rajko
Marcon Quarta
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