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Today I want to propose the test of an accessory, rather a "necessory", that I consider indispensable for the fine-tuning of our beloved hi-fi system and for our usual listening sessions. I will make it simpler. There is a British gentleman, not so young anymore, who has developed this incredible system. Bill Fay is his name, a name not very famous among the audiophiles, maybe quite known among some musicophiles. Last time we heard of him was forty years ago. Well, he has developed a system, introduced in the grooves of an LP or in the tracks of a compact disc. I think, it is one of the best ways to understand the contentment our "stereo" can gives us. This system, cunningly disguised as a LP or CD, has been called Life is People. After about one hour of listening, you will understand everything about your system. Or about yourselves. If you have held over in searching for the velvety or metallic trebles, for the less present or excessive bass range, for the liquid or, worse still, "raised" mid range, for a too forward or too backward soundstage, for the infra instrumental black, well, in these and all other cases, switch your system off. You do not need it anymore! Sell it! Buy a long vacation in a resort, a journey in Tibet, ten session with a shrink.


Bill Fay is back.


Someone says he had or has behavior problems. Actually, we have some problems since we torment ourselves for the sound of a cable, a graphite small block or a preamp. Our systems have to be minded, cuddled. They are our passion but remember that they help us to listen to the MUSIC, to make us part of cultural events. Events that have to enrich us not only with the listening but also with everything around, from live concerts to artists' biographies, from reviews to friends' opinions on a record. And, quite indirectly, from listening to some systems to hi-fi shows and magazines: mostly online, hence for free! ;-) Everything helps us to grow, to improve ourselves. If we dwell on the same old things, also our listening sessions will do. But if we have a positive, open, curious attitude, we and our system will be better for sure. And maybe, ReMusic has its part in it.


The first album of Bill Fay, English singer-songwriter and pianist, is issued in 1979 with the title Bill Fay. The second, Time Of The Last Persecution, in 1971. Then Decca did not renew his contract. In 2004, 2005, 2010, thanks to Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and David Tibet of Current 93, the following albums are issued: From the Bottom of an Old Grandfather Clock, a demo collection, Tomorrow, Tomorrow & Tomorrow, tracks composed between 1978 and 1981, and Still Some Light, also this one with demos and rarities. Finally, and at last, in 2012, Life is People, third official album. Voice and piano ballads, and not only, composed between an occasional job and manual works. The perfect artist, someone would say, not very prolific, hidden, maybe "cursed". Do not think of a difficult, underground record, nor of a folk, old-fashioned English record. You can find everything inside it: lyrics speaking of lives and lost hopes but also of love and faith, music and arrangements with a splendid piano and voice but also organ and choirs, guitars, drums, strings in a crescendo of intensity and pathos that involves and touches you deeply. You have only to listen. It is not important if you are thirty or sixty, if you like rock or jazz. Few performers in studio and few notes for a "concert" at home. Real hi-fi. High fidelity to art.




For further info: to the official page of the record



Bill Fay

Life is People

Dead Oceans

CD and LP (on )

Total Time 54'06"


by Ulisse
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