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Press Release | OPUS has been developed from the highly successful award winning Harmony stereo interconnect cable. They have taken the basic design of Harmony, but have cut the cost of manufacturing by simplifying its design in keeping with the basic concept. OPUS cable is made from two cores of tinned copper wire insulated in low loss silicone rubber, twisted to reject radio frequency interference, and sheathed in white silicone rubber. New Black Rhodium cable works well as Interconnect and Speaker Cable.


OPUS cable is manufactured in the UK to design specifications created by Black Rhodium, the British cable manufacturer that champions the use of British manufactured cables in (almost all) its audio products. Their cables use the very highest quality materials including precious metals such as palladium in its range of cables, uses cryogenic processing in its high-end cables as a highly cost-effective means of enhancing the quality of sound and exports British made cables to 22 different overseas countries.


Specifications of the OPUS cable are:

Conductors: 16 x 0.2mm diameter (20 gauge) tinned copper

Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC

Outside diameter: 6mm


OPUS Stereo Interconnect will be available at these Retail Prices:

0.5m stereo pair £42.00

1m stereo pair £49.00


OPUS Loudspeaker Cable will be available at these Retail Prices:

£7.00 per linear metre

3m pair terminated with 4mm plugs £102.00

5m pair terminated with 4mm plugs. £130.00


For further information: to the Black Rhodium website

Contact: Graham Nalty

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