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Wonderful occasion to know and appreciate these interesting German high-efficiency loudspeakers, which show excellent characteristics and great technical choices.

The model is the Beta I, a complex and impressive 4-way loudspeaker system, with 105 dB of efficiency into 8 ohms. It consists of two units per channel. The main unit has three frontloaded horns and TAD transducers. Furthermore, the cabinet contains an amplifier to drive the second unit that is, basically, a subwoofer made of two folded backloaded 16” Supravox woofers, with an Alnico magnet.

Low mid, midrange and treble are TAD, a 0,5" and 2" compression drivers with beryllium diaphragm and an 11" bespoke papercone driver. As already told, the bass and the midrange are frontloaded horns of solid wood. This material prevents from undesirable losses of energy of the acoustic wave and any tone coloration. The driver for the trebles uses cobalt magnets: it's a 0,5" tweeter but the frontloaded horn, here, is in metal.

As to their dimensions and price, the Cessaro Beta I speakers are, without any doubt, an extremely challenging system, but the musical rendition is exciting indeed: very natural, dynamic and with a grand sound impact. The image and the soundstage are broad and detailed …in a word, a great musical experience for us and for all the visitors who lingered for a long time involved by their great sound, which requires a very wide room to perform at best.

The technical experts of S.I. Audio paid scrupulous attention in matching their amplifiers - represented by the Magico Pre preamp and the Dulcinea, a parallel single ended tube amplifier, - with 300B tubes (2x channel), a power of 2x25 watts and a separated power supply with tubes – and in choosing the analog source: a splendid 15A Telefunken open reel tape deck, modified by S.I. itself in the pre-amplifying stage.

With the 105 dB of efficiency, it is possible to employ less powerful amplifications, but the quality of the Cessaro requires the same quality in the amplification. So, pay attention when you choose: the German loudspeaker system will give you back what you have offered. Hence, as always, my suggestion is: few watts, but good!

The introduction of the Cessaro Beta I system to the Italian public has also been the occasion to peer closely and see the attention to detail and to the manufacturing choices of this great loudspeakers. Choices that are all pointed to the excellent sound rendition, with no aberration in the tone, and to the possibility of the fine-tuning in the alignment of the horn transducers, in order to achieve a perfect response in the temporal phase.

We think that the Cessaro Beta I is a great loudspeaker, for its dimensions, but mostly for the quality of the sound. With a cost of 166,000.00 EUR, it represents an exclusive object for few lucky enthusiasts, who will be able to enjoy in their listening room the naturalness of the emission, the dynamics and the sound impact: three parameters that we cannot usually detached in one device only.

Cessaro states to design "by perfectionists for perfectionists" and its aim is the "live" musical experience with its emotion and dynamic realism. Besides, very interesting, considering the price, is the modularity of the design, with the possibility of changing or adapting some components, in order to improve your own system as your financial means increase, although they have to increase a lot...

Please note on the photos the cute plush animals used as soundproof material to correct the acoustical refractions.







Dear Giuseppe and Roberto,

First of all I'm very sorry for my late response, but I'm a bit busy at the moment.

It's great to see a review about our Beta system and I hope you had the chance to find out what Cessaro wants to do.

Away from normal Hi-fi, just music with all its emotion.

One thing I like: the German loudspeaker system will give you back what you’ve offered. Hence few watts, but good ones!

That's absolutely right, because you could hear details which are not easy to find out on other systems.

It's like you said, a matter of quality and not a matter of quantity.

If there are any further details needed from my side please let me know at any time.

Just for your reference, thats our actual flagship Omega. It's not made for standard private room.
We have to build an auditorium for it.
6way time aligned, 2,8m height, 6pcs. of 16" driver each inside a frontloaded horn, 112dB 1W/1m
Best regards
Ralph Krebs

Cessaro GmbH


by Roberto
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