Check out the features of the new Audirvāna Studio 1.9 update


Press release | The new Audirvāna Studio 1.9 update is now available and offers:

  • a new back up and restore function of your locally created playlists and local favorites
  • an onboarding tour of the software to be replayed whenever you want
  • a full access to filters from the Audirvāna Remote app
  • a customizable update process on Windows

Try Audirvāna Studio here.


My Music backup

Now, you can save the contents of My Music - your playlists created in Audirvāna Studio and your local favorites - in the Local page of the application settings.

This is very useful to restore your installation in case your database is deleted, for example due to a change of computer.


Onboarding tour

During your first session with Audirvāna Studio, a "step-by-step" guided tour is offered to ease your installation and walk through the key functions.

A valuable time-saving aid, which you can skip of course, and restart whenever you want from the "appearance" page of the settings.


Filters on the remote

The new update of Audirvāna Remote mobile app 3.2 now goes one step further and provides access to the full range of sorting and filter settings available in Audirvāna Studio, including rules for creating smart playlists.

This update works with Audirvāna Studio 1.9. It's already available for Android, and under approval by the App Store for iOS - within a couple of days.


New update options for Windows

As a result of a major Windows security fix, Audirvāna Studio's update process had to be modified. It now offers more options for customizing the frequency of updates and learning about their content.

If you experienced installation issues in the past week, simply download the application again and start over.

Download Audirvāna Studio here


For further info: to Audirvana website

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