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Spikes, feet, cones… There are plenty of methods to isolate electronic devices and loudspeakers nowadays. Nevertheless, the research goes on and, to my great surprise, I have noticed a ceramic product on the catalogue of the Italian brand Audio Azimuth. I am aware of the noble employments that such material has. No, not the ones you are thinking about when comfortably seated into the privacy of your modern western homes. For instance, I can mention the ceramic mousse that dissipated the friction of the Space Shuttle when it re-entered into the atmosphere. I could never imagine an audiophile use, though: ceramic – it is on record – “resounds” badly.



Crusade Audio Electronics, shortened in CA, is a small Dutch hi-end company. It currently presents two product lines, connectors and damping isolators and plates, and two single products: a headphone stand and a very interesting one-way full-range speaker, which we hope testing in the future. Among the isolators, there are the cones object of our test, some spikes (actually some cylinders) for loudspeakers, a damper for turntables and a pair of anti-vibration boards for devices provided with a RFI shielding and with a quite cool look.



We have tested a set of three CA Cones. They are well suited as damping feet and made of improved ceramic material. They are satinized, smooth on the outside but very irregular inside. Their effect is the reduction of the vibrations in the whole frequency range. Being top rounded, the CA Cones can be placed with the base upside down, towards the device that has to be isolated, or down towards the shelf or the board. To optimize the operational stability, the manufacturer recommends setting two cones beneath the front side and one at the back of your device. He suggests four cones for the loudspeakers.



They do not scratch the surfaces, so they can be directly put upon our precious gears. They give a wide supporting surface. They work very well on wooden tables and boards. White is trendy…



Inherently fragile, they can easily be scratched. As happens with all the other components of this family of products they have to be chosen according to the weight they can sustain.


Quick metaphors and final recap

Theory says that a material with an inner compact but irregular structure damps down efficiently on vibrations and resonances. In this sense, the ceramic by CA Electronics hits the target. The cones open the sound with lightness. Rise time, definition and sense of the rhythm get immediately some benefit. Nothing to object and everything to listen to: an innovative product as per appearance and substance which adds to the sound the white colour and its sensation of freshness and cleaning.


Official technical specifications:

Description: made from selected and improved ceramic material, they have an irregular structure inside.

Dimensions: 37 mm high and 37 mm wide

Official Italian dealer: to Audio Azimuth website

Official current price in Italy: 32.90 EURO for one set of three cones


Dear Giuseppe,

Thank you very much for the nice review, I hope you had a good time listening to them.

I would like to add that the Cones can take up a fairly large load, more than 100 kilo each, so a set of 3 would be over 300 kilo. We tested it to hold that weight, it could do more, but it is not necessary to test that of course.

The Cones are a bit fragile, but a small defect would not make the effect that much less. 

The Cones and other Ceramic products we make can be painted using water based paint, or even ink. When people do not like the white colour they can do something with it, see attached image of the Ceramic LP Puck HW, we had it made by an artist.  

And again, I really like the review. 

Met vriendelijke groet, 

Best Regards,

Rogier van Hoof, CA Electronics


by Giuseppe
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