DaVinciAudio releases VIRTU mono preamp

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Press Release | The Masters Reference Mono PreAmplifier VIRTU is dedicated to connoisseurs and music lovers who are looking for the highest standards of accuracy in music reproduction. It is highly esteemed around the world. Realism, emotionalism and holistic presentation are a few brilliant points of these amps.
Our devices are designed without any cost constraints. Fanatic attention to details and unconventional circuit design may separate us from the mainstream. The result can be found from the immense musicality played through our instruments. If you appreciate extraordinary quality and service, then this preamp makes a lot of sense.


What makes this amplifier so special? It’s because it have a worldwide unique design = single ended, transformer coupled, class A. This preamplifier is totally transformer coupled and is powered by an external power supply.


Design criteria PreAmplifier VIRTU:

  • Carefully selected components
  • Particular components for these amplifiers are single ended solid state design
  • All class A operating point
  • Own creation of transformer coupled circuit design
  • Output transformer potentiometer
  • Each stage have an own special hand made transformer, developed by DaVinciAudio in Bern
  • Chassis are milled from solid aluminum block

Technical description
Switches: gain, selector and volume
Inputs: 3 x RCA, 2 x XLR
Outputs: 2 x output XLR or RCA switchable
Dimensions: 395x145x415 (LxHxD) each chassis


For further information: to the DaVinciAudio Labs website

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