Estelon at the High End Munich 2023


Press release | The brand new Estelon speaker model AURA will be presented by Alfred Vassilkov during the High End Show in Munich this year, 18-21 May. We invite you to listen to a very impressive system with MOON amplifiers, dCS sources, and Siltech/Crystal Cables.

Save the room number F216 Atrium 4.2 to meet with us and listen to our latest loudspeaker model that features cutting-edge technology and unique features packed into the most elegant form.

Estelon AURA

MOON 860A v2 Power Amplifier - x2
MOON 740P Preamp
MOON 820S External Power Supply
dCS Rossini CD/SACD Transport
dCS Rossini APEX DAC
dCS Rossini Master Clock

Crystal Cable Art Series Van Gogh Loudspeakers cables
Crystal Cable Ultra Diamond Interconnect
Crystal Cable Future Dream 22 Interconnect
Crystal Cable Powerstrip Absolute Dream
Siltech Royal Single Crown Digit

Estelon at the High End Munich 2023

The Estelon X Diamond Mk II will be displayed by Innuos in room E125, Atrium 4.1, driven by a dCS Rossini APEX DAC and a Pilium Ares Preamp paired with their Achilles Amplifier.

The featured system includes the Innuos PhoenixNET audiophile-grade network switch connected to the Innuos PULSAR, PULSE and STATEMENT.
Power conditioning will be handled by the Isotek EVO3 Super Titan and Super Nova. Cables will be from Kubala-Sosna, while an Artesania Audio Exoteryc ER33 rack and Aire floor platform will host all the components.

For further info: to Estelon website

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