Finest Audio Show Vienna presents the multi-faceted world of audio equipment


Press release | In only two months from now, Hi-Fi enthusiasts, equipment techies and music lovers will come together for the premiere of the Finest Audio Show Vienna on 18th and 19th November 2023. Participating companies at the new Austrian Hi-Fi trade show will be featuring a wide array of product innovations and sector trends in the audio industry. Exhibitors and guests have a highly entertaining event to look forward to at the Austria Center Vienna, whose central location in the heart of Vienna offers an ideal platform for the two-day event.

Some 60 exhibitors from Austria, Germany and other neighbouring countries are participating in the first Finest Audio Show Vienna. Registrations have exceeded the expectations of the organizer, High End Society Service GmbH, in addition to underscoring the strong demand for Hi-Fi trade shows in Austria. The format with which the organizer of the international High End Munich audio show has been rounding out its portfolio for two years now has already proven itself as an event trade show in various venues in Germany. It is known for its entertaining mix of innovative product presentations, captivating sound experiences and exciting workshop programs. The participating manufacturers, distributors and dealers are represented with over 190 brands, showcasing established equipment along with innovative technology on a total of roughly 3,000 square metres, for authentic music reproduction par excellence. Whether it involves modern streaming solutions, massive loudspeakers, analog turntables or powerful amplifiers, a comprehensive range of high-end audio equipment will be presented at the Hi-Fi trade show. In 45 assorted rooms, there will be regular presentations at which visitors can check out the excellent sound quality of various audio systems first-hand or simply enjoy music from different genres. Several firms are presenting systems under the SoundsClever label, which stands for ingeniously assembled audio systems priced at no more than EUR 5,000. In a separate area, the WORLD OF HEADPHONES will also offer the opportunity to discover the full gamut of headphones, and to try out and compare models. An intelligent solution for every music lover.

The line-up at the Finest Audio Show Vienna is complemented by a diverse workshop programme on all topics concerning audio equipment and music reproduction. Michael Holzinger and Matthias Böde, renowned experts in Austria and Germany's high-end scene, will impart their vast knowledge to attendees in presentations that will be as thrilling as they are entertaining. Moreover, various exhibitors will organize workshops tailored to their product portfolio.

Finest Audio Show Vienna

Important notice for all visitors: Admission to the Finest Audio Show Vienna is free of charge! The Austria Center Vienna can be reached very easily with public transportation, as the city of Vienna has an excellent transport system with several subway and tram lines, along with over 100 bus lines. For guests arriving by car, the venue offers sufficient parking options.

About High End Society
The company High End Society Service GmbH was founded by the High End Societyto manage its operational activities in 1995 and continues to do so in the present day. The company implements all of the association’s business projects. This includes in particular the planning, organization and implementation of trade fairs, exhibitions, sales events, conferences and specialist lectures.

About Finest Audio Show
With the Finest Audio Show, we are welcoming a new highlight to our portfolio of Hi-Fi shows designed to especially appeal to everyone who loves music and wants to listen to it in authentic quality within their own four walls. At our trade shows, leading exhibitors showcase everything that makes high-end music reproduction possible: be it intelligent streaming solutions, state-of-the-art turntables, traditional tube amplifiers, high-quality headphones or proven two-channel technology, the products showcased make every audiophile's heart beat faster. The Finest Audio Show is all about a passion for excellent listening pleasure at its peak, with which we seek to delight a wide audience of visitors.

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