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Calling this trio a super band could be even reductive, since we are talking about Ginger Baker, Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden. Evidently, the ex Cream's wanderer drummer and project holder, has always liked the power trios. Instead of Jack Bruce at the electric bass there is Haden at the double bass, and the acrobatic Frisell in the place of “slow hand” Clapton. The musical context, not only for the characteristics of the musicians, is not simple rock but a peculiar mix of original jazz and rock visions which can’t be include nor in fusion, neither in another defined form. The three of them, helped by an excellent sound reprise, show off with an amazing outcome where Baker’s drumming is continuously supported by the thick texture of the double bass and exalted by the excellent electric mood of Frisell. All the tracks, except Straight No Chaser and Ramblin by Ornette Coleman, are their own compositions. At least two pearls: East Timor, by Baker, and the mentioned Ramblin. The same ensemble, with the adding in some tracks of Bela Fleck’s banjo and Jerry Hahn’ electric guitar, realized a couple of years later and always for the Atlantic label, a further and last chapter: Falling Off The Roof. A work that, maybe, has less high pitches but, in the whole, is quite at the same level of Going Back Home.


Ginger Baker Trio

Going Back Home



Total Time 45:03


by Antonello
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