Gino Paoli & Danilo Rea | Due come noi che…

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Since the released in 2007 of Milestones, Un incontro in jazz, for Emi, Gino Paoli, class 1934, seems to be revived and, seen the results, the only regret is that this turn was not made before, maybe at the times of I semafori rossi non sono Dio, one of the most beautiful records of the Genoese singer-songwriter, unexplainably forgotten between the infinite folds of a very long career. But maybe at the time the Italian jazz was running towards the free, and an encounter with the traditional melody would have seen quite inappropriate or even reactionary. It has to be said that Paoli himself in those years – the Seventies – was not very loved by the public of the singer-songwriters, as his bygone at the Sanremo Music Festival and a myopic ideological overview did not put him even among the singer-songwriters, but most probably he was considered as a continuer of the traditional melodic song. In sum, if there has been a delay, it is not attributable to his distraction.

Who knows it?

Due come noi… comes today as a confirmation of this choice, and cements the lively and profitable relationship with the Parco della Musica label and with Danilo Rea, ideal pianist with great ability.

Speaking of a masterpiece about someone that has written songs like Senza fine, Il cielo in una stanza, Sassi, La gatta, Sapore di sale, Che cosa c’è, would be in this case out of place, but the record is delicious indeed, and the “old” Gino, already a giant.


Gino Paoli & Danilo Rea

Due come noi che…

Parco della Musica Records


Total Time 51’15’’


by Antonello
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