Goodbye, Franco


In his novel Homo Faber, the Swiss writer Max Frisch described a main character whit a completely technical world’s view.  A man who produced, who "made". Broadly speaking, Franco Serblin was like that. Even without knowing him and just through official or press-related news, you knew he used to work with passion, incessantly.


Franco Serblin was Sonus Faber. Always and forever. Even in the last years, after he had left it, the comparison with the new models made by everybody - often without admit it - has always been with his past creatures. Those one he himself had thought and wanted.


One among all, maybe the first one, the Electa Amator, the speaker that had made change the idea of bookshelf to the Italian people. The speaker that has imposed an Italian-style way of listening all around the world. Made of technique and even more of listening. Of masterly worked solid wood. An open and palpable mid range.


This has been, in my opinion, the simple and infinite Serblin's greatness. The man who rediscovered, valorized and correctly guessed the importance of the mid frequencies, that is the range of the human voice. A maker of human music, a homo faber, Sonus Faber.

by Giuseppe
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