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Yes, also Amar Gopal Bose passed away like many other myths and great men in the hi-fi world. Now I am fifty-four but when I was very young I remember that who made the hi-fi great were mature men with such a background of experiences that they could invent new ways to listen to the music from modern reproduction devices.

The Bose 801 represent a revolution. The reflex sound and no more direct was a bolt from the blue for everybody. I still remember a system whose amplification was a Bartolomeo Aloia’s with two chassis matched with the Bose 801 loudspeakers: the sound seemed to come from all the room walls. It surrounded you and moved you.

On the contrary, not so fantastic seemed to me the Acoustimass speakers. They were missing in the mid range and I did not like the sound of the subwoofer since it was completely taken out from the rest of the sound image. I remember my friends telling me not so nice things about that, but later they said I was right!

Amar G. Bose was right to keep on proposing innovative ideas. He was a pioneer and a revolutionary. I liked him very much even if I have never owned a pair of his speakers.

He was 83, born in Philadelphia from a Bengali exile father and an American mother, graduated in acoustic engineering at the MIT, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, where he also taught.

And here I stop.

I like the article on an Italian free magazine published on 15 July. I like the fact that the traditional hi-fi is back to the top thanks to the desire of benefiting from a more appropriate musical stage. I like to read that Chario is considered among the cult-brands of the sector together with names like Tannoy, Pioneer, Klipsch and JBL.

Enjoy the listening and long live music!



by Roberto
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