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Experience is the hardest kind of teacher because it gives a person the test first and the lesson afterward”.
Oscar Wilde


Finally our editorial policy

When ReMusic came out for the first time about a year ago, we put on line, as an introductory text, only our manifesto. It was a love declaration more than a statement of intents. Today, strengthened by big mistakes and small successes, we can publish those principles that, since the beginning and before, under planning and gestation, were our principles. Objectively few, but we hope good ones.


The new section pertains to our method of testing and reviewing the devices. As said, these are topics and paramount points for a web magazine. In short, we are talking about our veritable editorial policy. For this reason, you can find it, from now onwards, in our main menu by clicking on Method, or you can reach it directly from here.


ReMusic is a project that is laying solid foundation. Our initial intentions are becoming concrete. By taking small steps and compatibly with our resources. However with great confirmations, if commensurate with the current crisis. We do not claim to solve anything. Just to signal in an honest and provable way our enthusiasm as audiophiles, who are always seeking out the best products.


Service Announcement

We are Italians, Latin and Mediterranean people. In August, everybody here is on holiday. For this reason, we want to announce that our magazine will be on line again starting from the 1st September. Meanwhile, you can read what has already been published. We, as you can surely understand, are going to “work for you”, considering that the Top Audio, the most important and followed Italian hi-fi trade fair, is waiting inexorably for us all from 13 to 16 September 2012.

Enjoy your summer and long live music.

by Giuseppe
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