Introducing Qualio Audio loudspeakers


Press release | Out of the box thinking resulted in an "out of the box design". Semi dipole placement of Mundorf AMT super tweeter and SB Acoustics Satori with Egyptian Papyrus cone result in amazing openness holography and pinpoint imaging.


Qualio Audio IQ


Rich, natural and effortless midrange with beautiful extended to 31 kHz high frequencies crossed with 9.5" Satori bass driver in bass reflex design deliver dynamic and very deep bass reaching down below 30 Hz.


Qualio Audio IQ

The philosophy behind Qualio is to use highest quality High End components, like Satori drivers, Mundorf AMT tweeters and capacitors, highest quality air and ribbon coils, WTB pure copper terminals and all other components that assure the speakers offer the best sound regardless of the price.


Qualio Audio IQ

And when it comes to the price, Qualio was started in the philosophy of giving a true high end sound to as many people as possible. Thanks to factory direct sales model speakers can be purchased starting at 5,550.00 EUR including VAT.


Qualio Audio is a brand from the men who brought you Cube Audio.


For further info: to Qualio Audio website

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