Introducing RDacoustic Silentmax


Press release | We have had a new acoustic material in the works for some time. We took the original concept of an acoustic image a step further, so as not to offer just another printed cloth. Let us present Silentmax.

This is no magical solution but one that takes the potentioal of its goals—a more affordable + less intricate acoustic treatment—to the maximum.

The specifically developed and patented material takes the final shape of either a 3D pattern, an acoustic image (the material is printed with a picture of your choice through a specific process that retains the acoustic properties), or a simple panel in different shapes, as the most affordable solution for schools restaurants and other public spaces.

On top of its acoustic properties, it has an excellent price-performance ratio, it reduces waste as it is fully made of recycled PETs, it is maintenance-free and flame retardant, does not retain fumes or smells and is very easy to install. The material is of course fully certified for the EU market.


Consult the Silentmax page here for more information, graphs or images from installations.

For further info: to RDacoustic website

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