Introducing Vyger Amargosa


Press release | Amargosa loudspeakers are the first ones designed and realized by Vyger. Like all the other products of the brand, they can tell something new and conclusive in the sector.

Simply by reading the technical features, you can get instantly how the design is refined and complex. The frequency range, both in the low and high frequencies, shows a real and material extension. The integration between the ways and their drivers is unexpected in times of mass productions that follow theoretic patterns to optimize the outputs. The obsessive and tenacious attention in the coherence of the time phase between the loudspeakers has also been achieved through the design of a proprietary crossover.

All these features offer to the audiophiles and lovers of the real sound a loudspeaker capable of tone coherence, noteworthy extension and exceptional resistance in power, realistic and unfalsified dynamics, extreme reliability and presence in the most delicate passages and in the dynamic climax. The perception of the soundstage is so vivid and never kept before in audio systems of equal ambition.

The original design of the Amargosas is by Giuseppe Viola, Vyger’s core and designer. He is well known in the Hi-End world for his innovations and high level of realization of his analogue systems, like the Indian Signature turntable, arrived at the IV Generation and the Krimon I phono pre-amp.


Vyger Amargosa

For the realization and fine-tuning of the drivers, Mr. Viola has collaborated with Gian Piero Matarazzo and Per Skaaning by Audio Technology, Ejvind Skaaning’s son, coo-founder of Scan-Speak and Dynaudio, and designer of the well known Esotar tweeter.

The name Amargosa comes from a solar system in the science-fiction series Star Trek. You cannot expect anything different when considering the technological superiority put in play.

Amargosa system is going to be presented worldwide at the Munich High End, Bayern, Germany, from 19 to 22 May 2022.


Official technical specifications
Type: three-way plus a 4th Order independent symmetric subwoofer
High frequencies: a 32mm beryllium tweeter in double chamber with optimized wave-guide and treatment of the dome
Midrange: 2 midranges with 6“ Under-Hang motor
Low frequencies: a 20cm long-range woofer
Subwoofer: direct without crossover, with an active 30cm driver and a passive 30cm driver
Efficiency: 90dB
Frequency response: 30-30.000Hz
Minimal impedance: 3ohm
Medium impedance: 4ohm
Crossover filter: proprietary typology
Cabinet: independent acoustic chambers for each driver
Front side: monolithic, high thickness in resin and talc
Panels: 30mm high density MDF sandwich with high damping proprietary material
Adjustments: height and fine lateral tilt
Dimensions: 38x160x80cm WxHxD
Weight: about 100kg each
Price: 95.000,00 euro per pair
Delivering: 3 months

For further info: to Vyger website

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