Introducing the Fennessy Donut


Press release | Donut is a Hi-End Hi-Fi level vinyl record player, inspired by the colorful donuts, represents sweetness, togetherness, optimism and sharing, and has surpassed food as a spiritual symbol. Donut absorbed the shape, color and spirit of donuts and integrated the artistic style of Minimal Art. At the same time, the player was redefined with Minimal and fluent lines. The frank combination of multiple popular color systems became the key design for the redefinition of the player and the artistic installation of self-expression.


The player is based on classic composed black, walnut open wood grain, pure but without losing details, with black, dark green cloth art, fashion without losing texture, easier to blend into the atmosphere of home. When equipped with a large horn with strong colors, it can be easily controlled and blended into life with warmth and vitality. Donut designs a wide range of wood grain, fabric and speaker colors to match a wide range of home styles and social settings. Rich color combination suit your personal mood.


Fennessy Donut


Designed and developed by Jasmine, a global professional vinyl system brand, Donut series is equipped with carbon fiber Hi-Fi tonearm system, dynamic magnetic MM phono catridge imported from Audio-Technica directly, MCU real-time closed-loop control speed motor system, three-point suspension shock absorber system, maximum 110W complete machine power, 5 patents and hardcore technology to create the ultimate sound.


Donut is compatible with high-fidelity Bluetooth access while keeping the classic vinyl mode. It can switch between tradition and technology with one click, and smoothly switch between classic and future.


Donut professional vinyl record player restore the best live music melody, with the power of melody and beauty to stimulate the deep resonance of the heart, together to explore the visual, tactile, auditory and other multiple pleasures. It has been shortlisted for the 2020 Taiwan golden point design award and officially launched in May, JD Fennessy official flagship store and national exclusive store.


Download the official Fennessy Donut specification here.

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