Introducing the first Finest Audio Show Vienna


Press release | Good news for the Hi-Fi industry and music lovers in Austria: on 18th and 19th November 2023, the first Finest Audio Show Vienna will open its doors and continue the country’s long-standing trade show tradition. The venue for this special event will be the Austria Center Vienna, located at the heart of the city on the river Danube. In addition to a multitude of exhibitors from Austria, participants from neighbouring countries are also expected to attend. These exhibitors will all come together to showcase high-quality audio equipment representing a broad spectrum of the current Hi-Fi market.

Finest Audio Show Vienna

With the Finest Audio Show Vienna, the company High End SocietyService GmbH has responded to the high demand in the audio industry by also bringing its tried-and-tested format to Austria. “We took a close look at the situation in Austria and had many discussions with our partners based there”, explains Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the company behind the event. “There is a widespread desire to welcome a new stage for the presentation of Hi-Fi products throughout the country. Given our many years of trade show experience, it has made perfect sense for us to get involved.” The High End Societyhas been organising the international HIGH END show in Munich, which has an impressive reputation worldwide, for more than four decades. Stefan Dreischärf and his team are extremely aware of what exhibitors need and know all about the key elements for success when planning such events. When organising and running their events, they focus on achieving maximum quality, smooth processes and unconditional reliability so that every audio show ticks all the boxes for everyone involved.

On a regional level, the Finest Audio Show has already proven to be a success in various German locations. The Hi-Fi show stands out due to its entertaining mix of innovative product presentations, captivating sound experiences and exciting workshop programmes while also offering plenty of opportunities for individual purchase advice. While B2B transactions have played an increasingly prominent role at the international HIGH END shows over the years, the Finest Audio Show focuses on exchanging news and views with music lovers who actually use the high-quality audio technology in their homes. “Be it audiophiles, technology freaks or music fans, the trade show audience shares a passion for excellent listening pleasure at its peak,” states Stefan Dreischärf. “Our shows offer visitors the opportunity to actively listen to, enjoy and compare the sound performance of different systems.” Visitors to the event can look forward to an exciting programme with a variety of highlights, including interesting talks and presentations by high-calibre Hi-Fi experts. On the two days of the audio show, leading exhibitors will showcase everything that makes authentic music reproduction and fascinating sound possible: be it intelligent streaming solutions, state-of-the-art turntables, traditional tube amplifiers or proven two-channel technology, the products showcased are sure to make every audiophile’s heart beat faster. Anyone looking to treat their ears to a direct sound experience is sure to love the World of Headphones: right here on the spot, visitors can try out and compare various mobile companions.


Finest Audio Show Vienna

When it comes to choosing venues for the Finest Audio Show, the organiser focuses on selecting appealing cities that are easy to access and attract visitors. The carefully chosen locations offer exhibiting companies excellent conditions for showcasing their products and services in a realistic setting. The Austrian event venue, the Austria Center Vienna, offers an exhibition area that covers around 3,000 square metres and provides plenty of space to meet the needs and requirements of manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The event centre is located at the heart of Vienna city centre and is easy to reach via public transport. Visitors travelling by car can make use of the building’s large underground car park. Tickets for the Hi-Fi show can be purchased online several weeks before the start of the event.

About High End Society
The company High End Society Service GmbH was founded by the High End Societyto manage its operational activities in 1995 and continues to do so in the present day. The company implements all of the association’s business projects. This includes in particular the planning, organization and implementation of trade fairs, exhibitions, sales events, conferences and specialist lectures.

About Finest Audio Show
With the Finest Audio Show, we are welcoming a new highlight to our portfolio of Hi-Fi shows designed to especially appeal to everyone who loves music and wants to listen to it in authentic quality within their own four walls. At our trade shows, leading exhibitors showcase everything that makes high-end music reproduction possible: be it intelligent streaming solutions, state-of-the-art turntables, traditional tube amplifiers, high-quality headphones or proven two-channel technology, the products showcased make every audiophile's heart beat faster. The Finest Audio Show is all about a passion for excellent listening pleasure at its peak, with which we seek to delight a wide audience of visitors.

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