It's a good time to try Audirvāna Studio


Press release | Over the last months Audirvāna Studio has included many new features and still offers a pristine sound, more transparent than ever, and a whole new experience with mixed playlists and favorites, smart search, radios and podcast, enhanced settings in the playback console, kernel streaming mode for windows, HD analyzer, in-app assistance, and much more. So give it a try and enjoy some good music here.


It is a good time to try Audirvāna Studio

You can try upsampling
Depending on the DAC you use, upsampling with Audirvāna Studio can significantly improve playback. So don't hesitate to try and activate the upsampling option in the playback console. For instance, you could apply a x2 on the sampling rate using the SoX or the new r8brain algorithms.

Tidal introduces new plans
Since last month, our streaming partner Tidal has changed its subscription plans for the benefit of its customers and artists: a free ad-sponsored tier is introduced - in the US only for now.
Tidal Premium becomes Tidal HiFi with upgraded audio quality to CD format
Tidal HiFi becomes Tidal HiFi Plus with all the Hi Res content but also direct artist payouts and fan-centered royalties "so you can experience music as it was intended to sound while you support your favorite artists".
If you subscribe to Audirvāna Studio Āccess, you can benefit from an extended 3 months free trial of Tidal HiFi Plus. Simply "get the voucher" in the Streaming section of the settings, and use it to sign in for the trial with Tidal.



For further info: to Audirvana website

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