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Liutanie Audio Olimpo Gold audio connecting cables are the result of several years of scientific research made by Roberto Borgonzoni. A research involving quantum physics and consequent implications in the conduction of the electrical signals. As I have known Borgonzoni for many years, I can affirm that he is anything but sloppy. When he has a certainty, he starts a path until the end, turning it inside out. ReMusic has offered him – seriously, affectionately and carefully – some room to analyze the Liutanie cables. You can read the previous articles here and here.


In this additional article, I am going to explain my analyses about the listening test, since the cables are quite demanding if you consider the cost, the dimension, the complexity and the attention to detail. They are very expensive, no doubt. One set costs some tens of thousands EUR. Furthermore, each metal part is silver and gold plated. You can easily understand that only few audio enthusiasts can afford these kinds of accessories. We are aware, nevertheless, that the audiophile universe counts machines and accessories devoted only to well-off people.


Listening test

In spite of the initial embarrassment due to the high price of the cables, – I was troubled to spoil them and then compensate for damages – I start my test. I connect only the RCA signal cable. It is quite a simple thing even if the cables are heavy and stiff. Why? Because they are very flexible. With curiosity, I play the first CD and sit in my usual listening spot. My first sensation is puzzlement. Nothing has changed. I find a book about Jimi Hendrix’s bio and start reading. When the CD ends, I am still reading the book. I look at my watch. Forty minutes have passed, and I have listened to the music pleasingly. Wait a minute… Let us starting over… I play the same CD again and concentrate. It is hard to define the musical character of this cable. I can just feel a sense of natural dynamics and transparency. I was waiting for thunder and lightning, but I cannot report any peculiarity: it is “the same as before”, but… better!

It is time now, for the power cables to connect. They are very heavy too, but again flexible. The WBT banana plugs are well made and the screw system helps the safe tightening to amplifier and loudspeakers.

Once again, I play the CD and position myself for the listening test. What I have sensed before is now more intense. I convince myself that the synergic component in using these cables is paramount. There is no influence with these cables, but only the perception of listening to the well-known features of my tube-amplifier, CD player and custom-made loudspeakers. In conclusion, my machines are as I expected to be, with all the qualities and flaws. I realize that just now. I relax and notice lots of dynamics and transparency. The image is limpid and present, clean and clear. The dynamics is impressive, and the best thing is that at very high levels of sound pressure, the sound does not harden. There is no narrowing, annoyance, just music.


After a while, I am perfectly aware of the idea that there is “no cable”. I mean, the Liutanie cables are the most neutral cables I have ever listened. If a conductor takes off something, our cables do not. If a cable tends to equalize, our do not. If a cable has its principal tone colour, ours are neutral and balanced. It seems that any signal entering in one end of the conductor, exits without any modification under the parameters of resistance, capacity and inductance. In the end, it is like having inputs and outputs welded together.


Over time the listening test is always more pleasant and fulfilling. The air on the entire sound stage is enjoyable and highly sized. The artists occupy credible spaces and the instruments play with great energy. I would say that these cables are for few connoisseurs, not only for their price, but because they are only for who has a great “listening maturity”. I do not mean that these cables are the best in the world. They do not interfere on the conduction of the audio signal that they traverse. At this point, the only way to explain how they “sound” is by comparison with some cables at my disposal. The White Gold cables, as an example, seem to soften and smooth out the sound. They give back an excellent voice and instrument tune colour, barely amber. The MITs, usually coupled with Spectral amplifications – slightly acidic – result quite dark. The Unicum cable, designed and made by myself pursuing transparency and neutrality, is less detailed and clear too.



The Liutanies are equipped with some nice and useful accessories like a golden plated USB pen drive including the manual, small chains to support the cables, and ground cables if the loudspeaker offers this kind of connection. I do not have this possibility, though. However, I have connected the cable to a chassis of a machine. I have not get an appreciable outcome. If you have it, you can try to get a balanced connection.

From my test results an excellent synergic contribution in using the Liutanies. I imagine, actually I do not, what we can get with a power cord.

I strongly recommend keeping the power cable raised from the ground. In this way, you do not spoil the precious exposed shielding, made on purpose to avoid any skin effect in the sound outcome.



Do not be surprised if this article is quite short. There is not much to report about cables, whose aim is to avoid any influence on the audio signal. If you have chosen your audio system with care, trying to reach an exact synergy and sound, you must appreciate these cables since they allow listening only to the sound of the components of the system. If most of the known wires have features of resistance, capacity and inductance, resulting at the end like equalizers, the Liutanies, in my opinion, do not. Anyway, if we have to value the quality of a cable through the target pursued by the manufacturer, well, the Liutanie Audio Olimpo Gold cables would deserve a vote of excellence.

If you desire a neutral cable, a cable that does not banalize the philosophic path on the selection of the components of your system, you do not have a wide choice but the Liutanie cable is right for you.



Official technical specification

zero jitter digital cable

solid core signal cables with typical bandwidth of -0÷>40Ghz

power cables range >100A


Official Italian dealer: direct sale, click here for Liutanie Audio website

Official current price in Italy: download here the official price list

Associated equipment: to Roberto “The Rock” Rocchi's system

by Roberto
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