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Gee, ReMusic is going to be issued and I do not have a thing to wear! At least I should find a nice shot where I do not look too papery…. Here it is! That is fine. I seem decently mind-expanding and wild-eyed.


I mean, when you put a site online, your look is probably the last thing you have to think about. There are too many things to take care of, than posting a First Communion photo! Yes, they are because, even predictable at first sight, our site is not at all accidental. On the contrary, it is more complex because it wants to be user-friendly.


Let us go back to square one. Allow me to introduce myself. As a profession, I deal with advertising and communication and with their extensions and fallouts on the web. Hi-fi is a passion, instead. As enthusiasts, we have sought and will seek to be plain, direct, honest, transparent and accessible. This is how our site has to look like, with the surfing meant as a professional, starting and ending point of honour. Few clicks to reach the results, lots of external links, white background and black wording to have the utmost contrast. We can continue speaking of the font, which facilitates the reading, and of the titles and abstracts that streamline the fruition of the short texts. Let alone about the optimization of the site for the browsers, the effectiveness in the researches of the inner contents, the formatting of images and pictures. What to consider and what to choose could be a long to-do list. In the meantime, keep in mind that the layout separates, optically too, the images, the text of the reviews and the ads. It is about three “fruition levels”, which can move in parallel, without intersecting and exploiting at best - in our opinion – the potentiality of the page layout. In this way, the reading should be less tiring, the pleasure of the images greater and more intense.


Which are the first operating instructions for the listening tests? We think that, at a certain level of quality, no audio device is per se wrong. Rather, we have to interface every audio apparatus as best as we can. We have to find its expressive range. We have to marry any weakness to the strength of other machines that can provide muscles. Hi-fi is an alchemic game where many materials, apparently not very noble, become fine gold. We will try articles that are concise, dense and hopefully forceful. At the beginning, you will not find any technical measurement, but they do arrive. Music and editorial pages will have lots of space. In particular, we feel like opening us toward a real audiophile “world” which wants to egg on beyond our linguistic boundaries.


We will try to ameliorate, both technically, with the right contents, and formally: the form that on the web “is” a content. Please send us your suggestion because we will carry out uncommon solutions and grow up with our readers. Those who, like us first, deserve good faith, meditated tests, and pondered hints. To offer authoritativeness. Demonstrable and recognized. Ever.


Let us keep in touch.


by Giuseppe
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