Lyngdorf Audio and Steinway Lyngdorf at High End


Press release | Meet the company's CEO and CTO Thomas Birkelund and his team and get an overview of new products launching in 2023:

  • New high-end audio design speaker Lyngdorf Cue-100
  • including Claus Neesgaard from Purifi, developers of Cue-100‘s outstanding drive-units
  • New Lyngdorf MP-40 2.1, a reference multichannel processor for immersive audio.
  • New Lyngdorf custom installation speakers
  • Introducing the world of Steinway Lyngdorf
  • Introducing the company's new headquarter

Lyngdorf Audio Cue-100


Meet the Team:

  • Thomas Birkelund, CEO and CTO
  • Anker Haldan, CCO
  • Roland Hoffmann, Product Marketing Director
  • Claus Neesgaard, Co-Owner and Director, PURIFI Audio

Location: Room K1A, opposite Hall 1
Start: Friday 19. May at 16.30


About Lyngdorf Audio
Lyngdorf Audio develops, designs, and creates products for high-performance audio for enthusiasts seeking the highest quality, most exciting components on the market. Lyngdorf Audio products do not re-produce music, they re-play music with all original passion and musicality intact. The brand is known throughout the world as the leader in high-performance digital audio. For more information, visit

About Steinway Lyngdorf
Steinway Lyngdorf - SL Audio A/S, was founded in Denmark by audio innovator Peter Lyngdorf in 2005 to design, develop, and manufacture sound systems and components under the umbrella of two legendary brand icons: Steinway & Sons and Lyngdorf Audio. The mission of SL Audio A/S is to serve music and film connoisseurs who seek unprecedented innovations in the technology of pure sound. The company pushes the boundaries for audio performance with the development of proprietary new technologies including RoomPerfect™, the world’s most advanced room correction system, and true digital amplification which premiered in the ground-breaking Millennium, the first fully digital amplifier in the world.

For further info: to Lyngdorf Audio website

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