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A small wooden house lost in a pine forest to the borders of Marche and Umbria. A piano and a pianist are inside the house, outside everything else: pines, squirrels, boars... Well, I could stop here and just adding that his name is Mario Mariani, that he is not a sprite but a serious and experienced musician and all the rest can be left to imagination. But it is about a record and a lot of work behind it, so it is worth speaking of it. Elementalea comes from Elementali, Paracelsus' s way to call the "nature spiritual beings" and it is within this shapeless and fleeting orbit that Mariani's musical sphere revolves. A very rich and virtually unlimited sphere, which we belong to as per nature but that, unfortunately, we struggle to recognize. Facing the matter with words is, nevertheless, risky and probably useless; maybe also wrong. It is like translating a poem into prose. But it is always about a record, about a touchy music and an inspired piano that at times hesitates, sneaks in, breaths, plays chase, finds the music somewhere and plays it. Nothing to do neither with the new age listened in the past, nor with some momentary trends. It is about a music that comes from inside or who knows where. How can you say it? And like for some feelings, it comes without any account. But where it touches, it puts in peace. Well, I think it is better to stop here. Enjoy your listening.


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Mario Mariani




Total Time 63’08’’


by Antonello
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