Martin Vatter | Klangbilder - Vol. 1 and 2

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"I believe that music from the innermost heart can only be a kind of "fusion" of all that you have experienced and lived."


This is the philosophy of Martin Vatter, a German pianist who travels over original and unusual artistic roads.

I speak purposely of “artistic roads” in the plural, since Martin Vatter’s music inspiration is generated by another artistic form: painting. In this instance the music becomes a further mean to make vibrate the soul at the same frequency of the painting which it draws inspiration from. The emotional outburst roused by the triangle made of music, painting and the man who watches and listens, could be devastating.

Martin Vatter, with his Steinway & Sons Grand Piano built in 1929, rides the wave of this brand new artistic form and is carried away by the paintings of artists sometimes not known by the general public, but very famous among insiders.

Vatter lapses into the expressive power of Lovis Corinth (1858-1925) or into the forceful visionary brushstroke of Franz Marc, unleashing what seems an improvisation that gets lost in the soul with the fingers running free along the keyboard of his awesome piano. The instrument, sometimes used in a non conventional way, produces dissonant sounds: the pianist who uses the piano as the painter uses the brush or the palette knife.

For the solo piano lovers, I suggest these two discs Klangbilder (sound pictures) vol.1 and vol. 2, which are appreciable also for the high definition recording quality, that is really high. A sure reference to evaluate the rendering capacity of the hi-fi system as far as the most difficult percussion instrument is concerned: the piano.

Martin is a friend on Facebook and an audiophile enthusiast too; moreover a follower of ReMusic.


Martin Vatter

Klangbilder - Vol. 1 and 2

Martin Vatter (JARO Medien)


Vol I - Total Time 22,57 - 2009

Vol II - Total Time 22,22 - 2012

by Roberto
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