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My approach to high fidelity dates back to the ‘80s when, coming home from the university, my father suggested me to go into the living room for a big surprise. I declined the offer because too tired and went to bed.

The day after I saw the light.

The first Toshiba modular system stood in front of me and my smile, in that very moment, revealed all my happiness.

Since then my interest for the high fidelity has always been constant: I have plunged into this charming world, reading specialized magazines and, when possible, listening to systems in the showrooms.


I also remember when my father, who used to repair TV and electronic apparatus, had the chance to overhaul a Sansui amplifier and a Teac tape deck: something rare in those years. I used the occasion to take them home and test with my system.

Then, about eight years ago, with some baggage of experience in the Hi-Fi field, listening and purchasing/selling various devices, I decided to try the DIY starting from a pair of loudspeakers in pneumatic suspension. I must say they performed bad, so bad, that I thought, maybe, it was better to let it go!


Luckily, it was but a fleeting moment.

In fact, studying and making experiments, always as a mere enthusiast, I arrived to my current loudspeakers that represent my maturity in this sector. They have been fine-tuned so they can perform as closest as possible to my tastes and, of course, to the tastes of my wife!


My current system
Panasonic Blue Ray player with Burr-Brown converters
Oppo 971H DVD
Sony XE200 CD player
DIY DAC with AKM AK4399 chips
Two DIY monoblocks with 200 W per channel into 8 ohms

A pair of DIY three-way loudspeakers with components Seas Excel and Scan-Speak





by Roberto
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