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I am a qualified electronics technologist and a DIYer, as well as a music and hi-fi enthusiast. In my job, I deal with security and anti-intrusion measures.

I got fond of this world when I was a child and made out of my grandmother’s old radio a custom model. It was something, considering my age, wasn’t it?

I have always been a fanatic in disassembling any electronic thing I found at home. The day I graduated my father gave me a tape recorder, an amp, a tuner, a pair of three-way loudspeakers: everything Philips, a luxury for that period. From then I have always been realizing gadgets and I will always do. Today my system is mostly DIY and realized following designs I found on the net.



My system 

CD players: Sony CDP-X559ES, Audio Analogue Paganini 24bit/96Khz

Processors: hiFace M2Tech, Musical Fidelity V-DAC

Preamp: DIY Reference One with E88CC/01 vacuum tube

Power amp: DIY Revenge 211 dual mono with 211 and double 6SN7 vacuum tubes

Loudspeakers: DIY two-way Nardi Glas't Nardi with Vifa custom woofer and Scan-Speak D2010/8513 tweeter

Signal cables: Van den Hul D102 mkIII Hybrid, DIY Rapunzel, digital G&BL, silver plain annealed Gold Lion

Power cables: four poles Supra Rondo, YYW-Premium Cable, Stat Audio Dulcis 

Main cables: DIY 3x1,5 shielded, semi-balanced

Accessories: eight pairs of Deflex Polipods


by Gianluca
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