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As musical reviewer, I steadily team up with Suono, The Jazz Yearbook, Play Music, Nova, and I Siciliani. In the past, I used to write about film rating and hi-fi.

I personally think that the critics should have the job of divulgate quality. This action, if carried out correctly, represents something more than mere information.

I generally try to do it, leaving aside, as much as possible, my personal tastes, likings and expectations.

As far as the hi-fi topic is concerned, I consider my system as the definitive one. Its set up in my room is good and it is equipped with the right accessories. I know it is improvable under every aspect, but it can give, nevertheless, a satisfying listening quality.

The evolution or upgrade of one’s own system often ends in the recreational field which is unreasonably expensive and without any aim. The means (the system) becomes the end and the music becomes just low, high degrees of definition and transparency. Hence, I prefer to deal with music.


Reference system

CD Player: Stat Audio

Integrated Amplifier: Cyrus Two with PSX power supply

Loudspeakers: Celestion 100

Cables: White Gold

Headphone: Stax

Power supply: Nadir Fidelio mains conditioner and S.I. Audio galvanic isolator

Accessories: DIY stands, bases, earthquake-proof accessories

Note: Both the amp and the loudspeakers have been modified in the electronic components and in the mechanical aspects.



As a multimedia player, I employ an old Denon that reads audio/video DVD, SACD and CD. No mp3. For practical reasons I often use, as source, my PC to which is connected a 1 terabyte external hard drive with about 1,500 uncompressed CDs and a JBL active loudspeaker system (one sub plus satellite speakers).

It is not a high-end context but if you find the right positioning you can get acoustic correctness degrees far from being annoying. This basic chain is meant to be upgraded soon.

by Antonello
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