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Industrial/civil/aerospace electronics. Conventional and electronic mechanics, turnery and hot-work, with a specific expertise in metallurgy related to the audio field. Various courses in chemistry, psychology, physics, medicine, etc.


Work experience

Low-high frequency technician at Radio 105/Rmc group

Designing/production of esoteric hi-fi home and car systems

Welder/cable technician of laptop microcomputers

Owner of a civil/industrial electrical machinery company

Low-high frequency technician at Radio Torino group

Audio-engineer expert in the post-production of master-glass and reconstruction of second infinitesimal harmonics during the mastering phase

Owner of a hi-fi shop

Winner of the bid for the building of the Turin Polytechnic’s home room, then refused for lack of commercial agreement.

Exhibitor at the Top Audio show 2004 and 2005 in Milan with Audio Physic/Audio Synthesis/Isol-8. We exhibited connectors at the state of the art, reaching in both audio shows the award. The magazine Suono quoted us as the Best Sound of the show.

Owner of Musica&dintorni in Turin, manufacturer of Shat audio esoteric components.

Currently committed in the design/production of audio components at the state of the art. My purpose is to finance the creation of a research centre to study the sound interaction with the central nervous system and the treatment of invalidating/degenerative diseases.



I have been working with the sound and music in every form: home, pro, car, broadcast. In studio, control room, lab, indoors, outdoors, everywhere a sound could express itself, included an anechoic room. Analyzed, manipulated, compress, expanded, preamplified, edited, and cleaned out: but most of all I have listened, respected, defended and loved the Sound.


Listening Philosophy

Only one sound exists…the real one. Everything that detaches itself from this concept is just a surrogate, a subjective idea that does not respect the nature of things. I try to listen, without ears and mind…but with all myself, giving to the sound my entire soul.

System A

set test for manufacturing analysis, radiographing and revelatory sound

Digital sources: three Wadia transports

Converters: Accuphase DG-28, Musical Technology DAC 1, Theta Dsp III, Apogee Psx 100

Computer: MacBook Pro, iMac 27, four Asus audio controllers for Win Xp and seven connected to dacs with M2Tek interface and zero jitter connectors.

Tuner: Revox B260S

Preamplifier: Musical Technology C1

Electronic crossover : Musical Technology CROSS 2

Power amplifiers: four Audio Physic Stradivari Mono

Loudspeakers: cherry Magneplanar 20.1, rosewood B&W Matrix 800, Genesis 2.5

Recording crossbar: splitter for electric digital, two Fostex CR200 CDR, DAT Fostex D-5, CDR Fostex CR300, Revox B215-S cassette tape deck, Teac 8030S cassette tape deck, Revox Pr99 MKII tape recorders

Power supply: two Isol-8 mini sub waves power conditioning, one for analogue sources and one for digital sources, two Isol-8 power stations, one per each channel of the two power amps.

Analysis: two Audioscope audio analysers, one per channel in IN and OUT monitor


System B

Reference set for monitor listening in studio recording

Source: Wadia WT3200

Converters: Musical Technology DA 1, Wadia 1500, Audio Research Dac 1.20, Appleby DAC 104

Preamplifier: one passive DIY with transformers, and an Audio Research SP-11 MKII

Power amplifiers: Audio Research D400 and Crown Amcron for mid-high range, Genesis original amplification for low range

Loudspeakers: Genesis 2.5


Alternative power amplifiers: Jadis JA80, four Musical Technology M1020 monoblocks, Sansui B-2301 limited and Sansui B-2201


Note – most of the devices and components have been modified and upgraded by me.

All the connectors I employed in both systems are designed by me and specific for the described components in order to achieve a total symbiotic matching.


“He is a live wire” I thought when I met Roberto Borgonzoni for the first time. You can see it from his résumé and from the large amount of devices he tests and tries out. Therefore, welcome Roberto and I apologise in advance to our readers for the intemperances he will surely show. He is an extrovert boy after all!



by Roberto
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