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Di Marcoberardino


Civil status




A daughter


Where I live

In the most beautiful city in the world and I am sorry for the people.



Too many. Every means with an engine. The Sahara with my Toyota, the nightly rides with my Harley Davidson, all the Music as long as it touches my hearth, photography, good wine, a good cigar, good company, good cooking. In a few words the good things of life.



When I was twenty, athletics. Then rugby for a short time, but too much beating…Skiing. Now I try tennis, and I am black belt of nap on the coach.


What I hate

The know-it-all, the status seekers, recommended people, the saints and the navigators, the wheeler-dealers and dishonest people. Practically a large part of the humanity and, as you can see, I also hate to be politically correct. I ward off mosquitoes and overcooked pasta.


My secret dream

A chat with W.A. Mozart.


Who I wanted to be

James Bond.


My first system

All Technics pieces and RCF BR 1180 loudspeakers: a horror, but I immediately realized how a system should not perform.


The last system

Wilson Benesch Circle with act 0.5 tonearm and Orbit power supply, Denon DL-S1, Lyra Lidian beta, Naim CD5X cartridges with Flatcap 2X power supplyAudion Phonostage phono preamp with Beyerdinamic transformers, Dromos Metis line preamp with NOS Mullard and Telefunken tubes, PassLabs XA 30.5 power amp, Martin Logan SL3 loudspeakers, BlackNoise filters, utility and non-utility accessories of any kind. Many cables and of various brands: MIT, Transparent Cable, Straight Wire, Cardas, JPS, Audioquest, etc. but mostly DIY in pure silver, which I personally twist in the full moon nights while singing a litany in antique Japanese. I am gearing up for streaming music with calm.


Editorial background

Past, Videohifi and Fedeltà del Suono. Current, ReMusic and Audiophile Sound.


What I think of hi-fi

A great passion and a very good game, partially ruined by a market that has dedicated itself only to the rich and fool users, letting go the less rich and less fool, but mostly the younger people.


What I think of hi-fi magazines

Sometimes useful like a refrigerator inside an igloo, but there is who works seriously and with passion. Reviewing an object is not a simple thing. What is missing is to transmit a culture of passion meant as a guide for a sound approach to hi-fi; everyone should be aware that compulsive purchases are vain and the result is to sell everything after a couple of years and get tired of the game. Unfortunately, too many experts think that is better to pump money out of a customer, rather than making him growing during the years.


An impartial advice

Listen to the music when you are still alive.

by Paolo
Di Marcoberardino
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