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I have been fond of audio for more than forty years. In 1968, my father purchased a magnificent Grundig compact unit with tube radio and record player, a three watts tube amplification and a beautiful cabinet in lucid teak. I have been still keeping it jealously at my mother’s house.

The very first audio experience I had was cannibalizing the loudspeakers of the old TV sets and introducing them into the polystyrene packaging of the iced cakes, trying to improve the stereophony of the Grundig.

My first collaboration with Suono (an Italian hi-fi magazine) dates back to 1992 with Bebo Moroni as chief editor and Mario Berlinguer, whom I have happy memories of, as vice chief editor. Then I wrote for Fedeltà del Suono (another Italian hi-fi magazine). Currently I have launched and I have been editing ReMusic, together with my dear friend Giuseppe Castelli. Without his precious contribute, ReMusic would not exist at all.

I must admit it. I am having a lot of fun. With ReMusic, I can freely do what I could not do in twenty years of so-called journalism: reviews that are first of all information, interesting editorials on audio systems and music, articles about technical-scientific in-depths.

Very little has been made so far, a lot has to be done.

Here, however, I want to describe my home system, actually my two reference systems.

First of all, I do not want to propose these reference systems as the best systems ever. They just interpret my sound, my way to see the playback music. Anyway, from the reference point of view, they are two systems of medium calibre, where the main feature is the tonal balance. Through the “medium calibre” I can immediately evaluate what is “a bit better” and what is “a bit worse”

As usually happens if you have well in mind the sonic results you intend to reach and I wish this results to all the audiophiles, I conclude that it is necessary to make some pieces of the audio chain by ourselves.


Analogue source

JA Michell Gyro Dec turntable

SME IV tonearm

Transfiguration Spirit low-output cartridge

Fidelity Research FRG-3G step-up

AM Audio MM and MC phono preamp with separate power supply


Digital sources

Stat Audio The One with Philips CDM Pro2 transport and four Wolfson WM8740 converters preceded by a 192 KHz asynchronous sample rate converter directly connected to the transport with I2S protocol and separate power supply

Teac VRDS 25-X with AM Audio conversion

Onkyo DX 7355 modified by me



Stat Audio dual mono

Plinius 12

Audiosophia pre RR


Integrated amplifiers

Audio Innovation  series 500

Stat Audio


Stat Audio Immagine

Audiosophia RR

AM Audio Rossini Improved

Arte Acustica Classic Line Stand 93

Klipsch Heresy I USA 1979 serial N° 92T278 and USA 1980 serial N° 93U301 with Audiosophia conversion



Omega Audio Concepts

White Gold

Various DIY


by Roberto
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