Me and My System

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Matteo Noli (molto tempo fa)

IT expert whatever it means nowadays.

ERP consultant lent to audiophilia.

Recently moved from a delirious passion for the Live Events to a psychotic paranoia for the Hi-Fi reproduction, since now I have responsibilities that go with parenthood.




My system

CD/SACD player: Yamaha CD-S 2000

Turntable: VPI Scout

Tonearm: VPI JMW-9T

Cartridge: Benz Micro Glider SM

Phono preamp: Benz Micro PP-1

Preamp: Audio Research LS15

Power amp: McIntosh MC252

Loudspeakers: Tannoy Stirling

Cables: Kimber Kable 8PR, Kimber Kable Hero, Kimber Kable Timbre, Supra EFF, DIY

by Matteo
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