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I have always been very fond of music and of any device to reproduce it. I am an explosion of ideas and a perfectionist. In the last years, after many tests with the electronic gears of the main brands, I became a DIY fan, helped by a friend of mine who is crazier than me… He is the brawn and I am the “ear”.

I am spellbound from the loudspeakers. After several experiences with conventional loudspeakers, I have undertaken the DIY way with satisfaction, making non conventional high-efficiency loudspeakers. My system, in a continuous evolution, allows me to try out new things, but my deeply critic sense allows me also to recognize any wrong choice or design I could do.


My current system is made up with standard and DIY gears:

CD transport: Proceed CDD

Converter: Proceed DAP

Turntable: Micro Seiki BL 51 with tonearms Audio Technica ATP 12T 12-inches and SME 3009 S2 not improved

Turntable: Technics SL-1200 with Audio Technica AT 1005 mkII tonearm

Step-up: Fidelity Research FRT-4

Cartridges: Fidelity Research FR 1 mkII and Denon DL 103 Torlai’s retip

Phono preamplifier: DIY tube amp

Preamplifier: SRPP DIY with 6SN7 tubes

Power amp: DIY monotriode with 2A3 tubes

Cables: various and DIY signal cables, power cables Audio Tekne

Loudspeakers: woofer Altec 416-8A, midrange Altec 288C with Mantaray horns, tweeter JBL 2402

by Samuele
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