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Myth to dispel: "Audiophiles have an inadequate musicological/artistic competence". This is what I thought at the beginning but, except isolated situations, it is absolutely untrue. Maybe I am lucky, but all the audiophiles I know have beautiful record collections and an appropriate musical culture.


I like "risky writing", with the presumption of moving who reads. I consider the predictability of an article a failure for the writer himself. Risky writing means going against the fallacies and the hearsay, which are inertias hard to budge. To do so, before writing anything, I must be staunch, but I am not interested and I do not delude myself to convince everybody. If what I write does not convince, it remains nevertheless an outcome of my ideas: and these ones must always be ethically intact.


I do not believe in "tastes" meant as "just emotional". We have to be also rational and the writer's aim is to handle these two spheres and lead back the whole to a detailed analysis, whether the object is a record, a component or a system. At this point, writing in an engaging and creative way can be complicated...


I hate "polemic", especially the "Italian-style polemic", so deep in the Hi-Fi world. I think it is a way to spend time grotesquely because born by the subculture and no more noble notorious polemic of the football Monday.


Recordings are unreal for definition and the comparison with the reality always requires intelligence. Often they are hyper-real, because the sound mixer has look for that sound. From a recording, every orchestra, band or soloist, wants to get an own sound: often he gets it, often it is not 100% as the real experience is.


I have been writing of music since 2000, I contribute and have contributed to important magazines, among which: Audio Review, Musica Jazz, Jazz Magazine, Audiophile Sound. Also some webzines: ReMusic and Il Giornale Della Musica. Besides, I carry out the photographer activity of CD covers and the most important current collaboration is with the Hatology label.



For further info: to my website



My system
Analog source: belt-drive turntable, pivoted tonearm and MC cartridge
Phono stage: active solid state
Digital source 1: SACD
Digital source 2: DAC/USB with stand alone hard disk - no network, no PC, no Apple device...
Line preamplifier: passive with transformers
Power amps: monophonic with EL34 tubes
Loudspeakers: three-way floorstanders
Cables: all special, very special, conductors in conductive materials and insulation in insulating material; their real magic is to promote the motion of the electrons
Acoustic treatment: Pisolo and Luna, two persian cats that while wandering produce in the listening room a randomized acoustic absorption



by Luca
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