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I am here to introduce myself and at the same time to find out where my passion for the High Fidelity comes from. I have always asked it to myself without finding a precise answer. The fact is that Hi-Fi is intriguing and, furthermore, is extremely colorful and multifaceted. Besides, even if faithful, no system is like the other.


In the last years, my interest for DIY has grown, in particular for the loudspeakers. I think that making something with our own hands is funny and fulfilling. I am literally attracted by the drivers - maybe for their magnet - and when I see one, I could not avoid thinking how to use it in a future design.


I think that sharing and collaboration are essential vehicles of growth and knowledge. Hence, all my designs are largely documented and made public. Everything is on my blog sasaBlog.

I attend the most important web "squares" dedicated to DIY and hi-fi. My nickname is sasachess because chess are another great passion of mine.


My system? In continuous evolution. Currently the following one:



Streaming music with laptop and Foobar 2000

Streaming music with Raspberry Pi e MPD - Music Player Daemon


Audio boards

M-Audio Transit 24bit/96KHz

Terratec DMX 6 Fire USB



Maxi Lampucera modified with transformer output



Yaqin MS-12B with tweaking in the line stage by MaurArte

Tube preamp with 5670 tubes



DIY JLH, Class-A

MyRef RevC, Class-AB on design by Mauro Penasa

Alesis RA500, Class-AB

TK2050, Class-T with tweaking AudioFirst


DIY loudspeakers

Hatt TBS, two-way monitors

Hatt SS mkII

Wood Rook, D’Appolito two-way floorstanders





by Salvatore
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