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Gennaro Muriano
Gennaro Muriano

The stunning encounter with the music occurs when I am seven years old. For the first time, at an old relative’s house, I listen to Beethoven’s symphonies with a high-level system and vinyls. Those sounds, listened over again at every visit, those elegant apparatus, the smell of wood and vinyl contribute to track clearly my professional path. The passion for electronics and science, together with the passion for the music, make me deepen, since the adolescence, all the aspects of performed and playback music. At the age of thirteen, I try to replicate a 15 watts stereo amplifier. With elliptic double cone car speakers and a Walkman, I get my first high fidelity system.


The desire of dismantle, but also to get some money for vinyls and electronic components, brings me to repair and modify radios and Hi-Fi gears for my friends. Besides, I am always more fascinated by the machines of the past.


In the following years, I continue to deal with electronics and music working in radio stations, recording studios and Hi-Fi stores. At the end of the 90’s I start to spend most of the time in scientific research and didactics. I integrate the engineering education in electronics with other branches of physics and neuropsychology because I think that the knowledge in your field alone gives you a limited and stereotyped vision. I often organize meetings among musicians, audiophiles and researchers with the aim of compare and discuss the different ways of interpret the playback music.


Since the beginning of 2000, I have been working in developing a new technology applied to the power amps, where the humanistic approach is the starting point for an instrument that fully distances itself from the classic high fidelity. In 2011, I realize the first definitive prototype that uses such technique.

by Gennaro
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