Michele Di Toro | Echolocation

ReMusic Record

Beautiful record of piano solo, composed and performed by an excellent pianist. If he resists to the lure of easier and more favourable opportunities, we will hear of him again in the future. Actually, on these days, we are hearing more and more about some hip fleeting phenomena, but these are fires destined to stifle, almost always in mediocre cultural outskirts, and destined just to pick up some money, to be forgotten in the end. The possibilities of Di Toro are clearly different, because his pianism is already very personal, evolved under the rhythmic and chromatic aspect and provided with a shimmering and seducing visionariness, described by touches that remain limpid also in depth. We can read Echolocation as a jazz record or a classical music record or whatever record, but it would be an easy, myopic and ungenerous reading, because the music has nor belongings neither meanings, it is just sound, conjugated in the best possible ways.

It does not happen very often, but this is what we are talking about here. Excellent is also the audio recording.


Michele Di Toro




Total Time 50’54’’


by Antonello
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