New Andros Téssera Reference Phonostage and Bia 200 Select Stereo Power Amp from Zesto Audio

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Press release | Zesto Audio Andros Téssera Reference Phonostage is a modern tube design with several interesting features.


Zesto Audio Andros Téssera Reference Phonostage

Musical features
Completely new 100% tube analog circuit design with optimized components.
Dynamic range increased from 108dBV to 116dBV, so the quietest parts are quieter, louder parts are louder.
Loading on the secondary of the MC transformer to capture the most detail from the cartridge.
12 position MC load per channel with more finessed adjustable options like 1000, 800, 700, 500, 400, 350, 300, 250, 200, 150, 100, 50 Ohms
Two completely independent dual mono channels, with LED indicators for A and B
Gain is improved up to 7dB, which increases the output volume to better match your cartridge to your system.
The voltage increases from 250V to 300V for more headroom.
The power increases from 52W to 60W to provide more energy needed to reproduce the highs and lows of music accurately.
The amps increase from 3.4 A to 8 A to provide more current to the tubes.
Maximum output improved from 8V RMS to 12V RMS increases the headroom to allow more musical peaks like trumpet and drums.


Zesto Audio Andros Téssera Reference Phonostage

Quieter features
New 12DW7 tubes improves the amplification to better drive the output tubes which gives you lower noise, more headroom and lower distortion.
Dual chassis external power supply
New Toroid design ESP Supply replaces the linear regulated power supply which generates significantly less noise by concentrating the magnetic fields.
The dark black noise levels went from -90dB to -95dB.
New PCB layout with significantly more grounding for lower noise.
Dual chassis with 3-meter RFI filtered umbilical cable to eliminate external noise.
Dedicated output tubes driving high quality output transformers to create a true differential low impedance output for lower noise and ideal transfer of power to the preamp.
True floating ground, transformer balanced XLR inputs and outputs
New grounding throughout to further reduce the internal and external noise.
Switching on relays so there’s no digital chatter.
Easily adjustable MC “Load on the fly” without klicks or pops so you can hear the change
Elegantly designed 16-gauge steel enclosure to help isolate the electronic “chatter” from nearby equipment
Ground lift switches on the MC inputs on each channel to prevent noisy ground loops
All the RCA and XLR connectors are Gold plated for better conductance and lower corrosion


Zesto Audio Andros Téssera Reference Phonostage
Other features
Accommodates 4 tonearms, 1 MM and 1 MC per channel
All settings are saved when you switch between channels
More energy efficient Standby power that reduces the drain from 7w to 0.5W.
All switches and knobs are easily accessible, nothing hidden inside to adjust
Recessed RCA connectors are durable and will hold up to the typical Audiophile who loves to change their configuration
Each unit is hand built Made in the USA
50-hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes before final testing

Zesto Audio Bia 200 Select Class A Stereo Power Amp


Zesto Audio Bia 200 Select Class A Stereo Power Amp offers 100 Watts per channel with a 3 Position Bias Switch.


Zesto Audio Bia 200 Select Class A Stereo Power Amp bias select


Key Features
The Bias Select switch is engineered with 3 bias settings for 4 different output tube
Compatible with KT88, KT120, KT150 and KT170 output tubes
Bias Select switch is easy to use, change on the “Fly” so you can hear the difference
Auto Bias is safe, consistent and settings are always perfect
Class A power is fast for a more lively, immediate response to your music
4, 8 & 16 Ohm taps gives you options for your speaker preference
Dual Mono gives you less cross talk and better stereo imaging
Choice of high quality gold plated Single Ended RCA or Balanced XLR connectors to suit your needs or cable preferences
True transformer differential balanced XLR inputs for the best noise rejection
Independent Left and Right ground switches on the XLR balanced inputs to eliminate ground loops and hums
No Negative Feedback design does not modify or compress the musical signal
Large custom Toroid is higher voltage for increased performance and lower noise
Global mains power supply can work all over the world
Provides plenty of gain for your system
Push-Pull/Ultra Linear circuit design provides lower distortion, more power, and a better performance out of your tubes
Low noise levels allow really dark black quiet musical passages
Non-inverting polarity retains the same phase as the input (so your trumpets blow and don’t suck)
Gold pin sockets are more reliable because gold doesn’t oxidize when it heat cycles
Matched quad KT150 output tubes retain the stereo balance and lower noise
Elegantly designed, heavy duty 14 &16 gauge zinc plated steel enclosure to accommodate the extensive grounding scheme
The optimized frequency response provides the best musical range to benefit the natural harmonic structure of the instruments
All fuses are easily accessible
Each unit is hand built Made in the USA

About Zesto Audio

George Counnas is the founder, president and design engineer for Zesto Audio. He has loved music all his life and went from a musician, to an electronics engineer, to an audio engineer. As a young man in England, in his first shop class project he built a tonearm. Later in college he designed vacuum tube circuits and his first amplifier. He worked for DECCA Navigator, now Raytheon, at the time Britain's largest electronics company, as part of the research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. George brings to Zesto Audio the unique set of talents of not only designing, creating and manufacturing the highest build quality of high-end electronic equipment, but also as an audio engineer, he knows how great music should sound.

Zesto Audio was established in 2010 in Thousand Oaks, California. Zesto Audio is a manufacturer of fine analog audio electronics, specializing in vacuum tube technology. Their award winning products include the Andros II Phonostage, the Andros Deluxe II Phonostage and Tèssera Phonostage, the Andros Allasso Step Up Transformer, the Leto Ultra II Line Amp, the Bia 120 Stereo Power Amp, and the Eros 300 Monoblocks.
All Zesto Audio products are Made in the USA.



For further info: to Zesto Audio website

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